Headlines around Chicago lately

With Girardi, it's time to party
Bringing Joe to chicago dont blow
That joe, he's our bro
Give Joe the dough
I wanna see Girardi on the Wrigley marquee
With joe, let the wins flow
Get Girardi and say yippee
Joe will beat the foes
Go Joe and go cubs go
Girardi ain't screwy
Joe will make us chanps, ya know?
Girardi made me pee
Girardi can part the red sea
Joe will help them hit and throw
Cubs will be champs with Joe, yo
Girardi makes the Cubs champs guarenteed
Bring Joe to the Cubs show
Say hello to Joe
Joe the guy, don't you know
A B C D E F G - we want Girardi
Rather get stung by a bee than not have have Girardi
Girardi's our guy, can't you see