Rules of the grocery store

1) When you are walking down the aisle, walk on the right hand side as if you are driving a car.

2) Do not stop in the middle of the aisle to browse the merchandise. This blocks the aisle for anyone trying to pass.

3) If you must stop to look at the canned goods or read a label, pull off to the right and stay by your cart in case it needs to be moved for other patrons. Someone MAY JUST need to get an item that you big ass cart is blocking.

4) Do not touch every single vegetable and fruit on the stands. I feel this is nasty.

5) Know what you want when you are at the deli. Know the amount, the brand, and the way you want it all sliced. Other people are usually waiting.

6) If you are with small children and they insist on pushing the cart, PLEASE SUPERVISE THEM. I personally like my ankles in full working order and would prefer not to be hit by fast moving out of control carts.

6A) Screaming chlidren in the grocery store do not bother me since I usually have one myself. TIP: Go to the deli or the bakery and they are generous and feel bad for you so they give out a free cookie or something.

7) In the parking lot, get off of your lazy ASS and put the cart in the cart corral. THIS WILL prevent cart damage to yours ond other peoples cars. Even if you drive a beast and don't care about your car, other people care about theirs.

8) If you are using the self check out, PLEASE move quickly and only use this lane if you have just a few items. These lanes were not meant for more than say 20 items.

9) Stay with your cart or if you must abandon your cart for a short period of time, put it in a place where it is NOT IN THE WAY.

10) If you don't like these simple to follow rules, USE PEAPOD!!!!! Thanks