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Super Bowl Pool

Rob V Won!

Welcome to drodds super bowl pick 'em. it's simple (and fun!). just pick who you think will win the super bowl with the spread which we are going to use pats - 12 (or giants get 12 points)

also please pick these tiebreakers
1. What will be the combined score at the end of the game?
2. Guess the combined total offensive yards for both teams?
3. local time the game actually started (Phoenix time)

Joe thinks the Pats will win minus the 12 points.
1. 73
2. 700
3. 5:00

Pats will win and cover the 12

1)patriots -12
2)53 total points
3)879 total yards
4)5:17pm cst

4:49 pm

robbie v
I'll take the Giants covering the spread
1. 52
2. 784
3. 4:58


Giants to win (+12)
1) 56 points
2) 760 total yards
3) Time 5:17 PM

The giants will win (getting the 12) & the tiebreakers are:
1. 58
2. 759
3. 4:22 PM

Giants getting 12
1. 57
2. 782
3. 5:17pm

pats will win minus the 12 points
1. 54
2. 741
3. 4:54PM

pats will win minus the 12 points
1. 42
2. 742
3. 4:55PM

Dad Won!

Week of Sunday, January 20 - Ed lost

This week's games:
this week we are gonna use the spread as of this thursday - in other words if you pick the pack you will be picking the pack minus 7 points
packers giants
pats and chargers
tie #1 is combined score of pats and chargers tie
#2 is yards rushing for starting running back for chargers

Week of Sunday, January 12 Roman lost This week's games:
Seahawks(Seattle) @ Packers(GreenBay)
Jaguars(Jacksonville) @ Patriots(NewEngland)
Chargers(SanDiego) @ Colts(Indianapolis)
Giants(NewYork) @ Cowboys(Dallas)
tie 1 is combined score of Jaguars(Jacksonville) @ Patriot (NewEngland)
tie 2 is # of yards for Packers starting running back
Week of Sunday, January 5 - Z lost This week's games:
Redskins(Washington) @ Seahawks(Seattle)
Jaguars(Jacksonville) @ Steelers(Pittsburgh)
Giants(NewYork) @ Buccaneers(TampaBay)
Titans(Tennessee) @ Chargers(SanDiego)
tiebreaker 1 is # of combined points Redskins(Washington) @ Seahawks(Seattle) Seahawks(Seattle)
tie2 is total rushing yards for starting running back on TampaBay
Week of Sunday, December 30 - Ang Lost This week's games:
Panthers(Carolina) @ Buccaneers(TampaBay) -
Bengals(Cincinnati) @ Dolphins(Miami) -
Saints(NewOrleans) @ Bears(Chicago) -
Seahawks(Seattle) @ Falcons(Atlanta) -
tie #1 is combined score of Seahawks(Seattle) @ Falcons(Atlanta)
tie # is # of rushing yards by stating running back for Dolphins

Motts Won 2nd Batch!

Week of Sunday, December 23 - Dad lost This week's games:
Eagles(Philadelphia) @ Saints(NewOrleans)
Giants(NewYork) @ Bills(Buffalo)
Browns(Cleveland) @ Bengals(Cincinnati)
bears packers
tiebreaker is combined score of bears packers
2nd tiebreaker is total yards of Bills starting quarterback
Week of Sunday, December 16 - Roman lost This week's games:
broncos texans
titans chiefs
bears vikings
jags steelers
tiebreaker is combined score of broncos texans
2nd tiebreaker is the # of rushing yards for the starting tailback of
the steelers
Week of Sunday, December 9 - Ed lost This week's games:
Bears(Chicago) @ Redskins(Washington)
Chargers(SanDiego) @ Titans(Tennessee)
Giants(NewYork) @ Eagles(Philadelphia)
Browns(Cleveland) @ Jets(NewYork)
tiebreaker is combined score Browns(Cleveland) @ Jets(NewYork)
Week of Sunday, December 2 - Ang lost This week's games:
giants bears
browns cardinals
lions vikings
packers cowboys
combined score tiebreaker packers cowboys
Week of Sunday, November 25 - Z Lost This week's games:
bears broncos
packers lions
redskins bucs
saints panthers
combined score of tiebreaker game packers lions
Dad Won 1st Half!

Week of Sunday, November 18 - Ed Lost This week's games:
bears seahawks
Titans Broncos
Giants Lions
Browns Ravens
tiebreaker combined points for Giants @ Lions
Week of Sunday, November 11 Ang lost This week's games:
bears raiders
colts chargers
packers vikings
cowboys giants
tiebreakers is combined score of colts chargers
Week of Sunday, November 4 - Regan lost This week's games:
Seahawks @ Browns
Bengals @ Bills
Patriots @ Colts
49ers @ Falcons
(tiebreaker combined score game is Patriots @ Colts)
Week of Sunday, October 28 - Roman lost This week's games:
Jacksonville/Tampa Bay
Buffalo/NY Jets
Green Bay/Denver
tiebreaker # of combined points in Buffalo/NY Jets game
Week of Sunday, October 21 - Motts lost This week's games:
lions/tampa bay
(tiebreaker combined score game is lions/tampa bay)
Week of Sunday, October 14 - Z Lost This week's games:
dallas/new england
(tiebreaker combined score game is new england/cowboys)