Chicago's El Train Worst Riders

1) Disheveled homeless man began urinating and it flowed down the floor of the train car as it proceeded on the track and people split down the middle to avoid having pee hit their shoes

2) There is a woman that gets on the train looking what the cat dragged in and the whole train ride, she paints on the makeup.

3) There is a girl that eats breakfast every morning on my train car. It usually is something that is not easy to eat on the train like oatmeal with milk and she gets it all over her clothes. Then she takes a little nap.

4) There was an older woman wearing headphones to an Ipod and reading the paper. She has the newspaper and it kept getting in the way of other passengers. A girl sat next to her and as she turned the page on her newspaper she yelled out "excuse me" because her headphones were so loud that she didn't realize that she was yelling.

5) There was a woman who painted her nails and made the whole car smell like the strong nail polish scent.

6) There was a woman who was filing her nails the whole 1/2 hour train ride. She got the filings all over her shirt and bag and kept brushing them off on to the L train seat.

7) There was a large man who had these wires taped to his leg. He had his shoe off of this electrode device attached to his leg and when it got close to his stop he hurried and pulled the wires off and put his sock and shoe on and took off. It was quite a production.