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My first memory of being a Cubs fan was listening to Harry Caray and Steve Stone. Harry defined Cubs to me and most Cubs fans my age. It was the most balanced broadcast I have heard. Harry provided entertainment while Stone provided baseball knowledge. I played baseball for over 10 years when I was a kid but I truly think I learned more about the game from watching the Cubs.

The Cubs represent more than a baseball game to me. It was Harry and Steve's passion for the Cubs that attracted me to the broadcasts. I want to hold that tradition in my heart and pass it to my kids.

As each season starts, I tell myself that I am not going to live my life around the Cubs schedule. But the season starts, I am there once again in front of the TV or in the left field bleachers watching every move of Prior, Patterson, Barrett, and the others in Cubbie blue.

It is easy for others to latch on this team because Wrigley is fun. But to me it is much more than the bleachers, ivy, and old scoreboard in centerfield. It is a bond with millions of Cubs fans across the world. The Cubs will always define baseball for me. It is not about hitting a home run on to Waveland Ave. It is about the pinstripes on your team's uniform. It is the Cubs. I bleed Cubbie blue.