Celebs I have Met

I know that some people might have a different definition of meeting celebs or what even who is a celeb or not. The list below includes people that I have shook hands with or said hi to and they said hi back. Ok this is not even true. Justin Timberlake didn't say hi back. You might also see that there barely any girls on here. I just don't know why that is.

Larry Thomas (Soup Nazi)
Michael Barrett
Ryan Dempster
Todd Walker
Billy Williams
Mindy McCready
Lance Briggs
Richard Dent
Doug Wilson
Emory Moorehead
Dicky Barrett
Lauren Holly
Dan Patrick
Stacey King
Glenallen Hill
Mickey Morandini
Mark Grace
Jerome Walton
Mike Harkey
Steve Wilson
Bob Uecker
Mark Chimura
All of the 1996 Brewers
Dusty Baker
Ron Santo
Minny McCready
Luke Schessner
Trase Armstrong
Gary Fencik
Ryne Sandberg
Latroy Hawkins
Harry Caray
Ron Harper
Charles Barkley
Justin Timberlake
Mike Ditka
Chip Caray
Jerry Tarkanian
Billy Joe Armstrong
Horace Grant
Doug Buffone
Adewale Ogunleye
Eddie Vedder
Jim Hendry
Dwight Smith
Bob Guiney
Diablo Cody
George McCaskey