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OK I know this seems a little weird, but I don't care. I have been thinking a lot about my shoes lately. I wear shoes every day so I thought I would document the shoes that have enjoyed or currently enjoy my feet.

The Shoe Brand When I Got Them
Story About Them
Sanduk 2020 Replace flip flops
Sperry 2019 Replace shoes
Johnston & Murphy 2019 Replace work shoes - have light bottoms.
New Balance 2019 Replace shoes
Sperry 2019 Replace worn out blue ones.
Brooks 2019 Replace jogging shoes
Avos 2018 These look like Vans but come in wide.
Floursheim 2018 Replace work brown shoes
Brooks 2018 These are new everyday walking around casual shoes for a 42 year old.
Brooks 2017 Replace jogging shoes
Sperry 2017 I am old and searching for comfort and I found these in wide.
Clark 2017 Replace black work shoes
Johnson Murphy 2017 Needed new brown wide work shoes.
Brooks 2017 Replace gym shoes
Floursheim 2016 Needed new brown wide work shoes.
Sanduk 2016 Replace brown flip flops
Brooks 2016 New running shoes
Floursheim 2016 Replace black dress shoes
Floursheim 2015 Replace black dress shoes
Floursheim 2015 Needed new brown wide work shoes.
Floursheim 2015 Replace black dress shoes
Floursheim 2014 Needed new brown wide work shoes.
Brooks 2014 I am getting old. Non skate shoes. I fit in.
Floursheim 2014 Needed new brown wide work shoes.
Floursheim 2014 Replace black dress shoes
Floursheim 2013 Brown ones worked below so I picked these up in black.
DVS 2013 I like the DVS ones below but I got a bigger size. Is my foot growing?
Floursheim 2013 I was looking for wider shoes to wear with tan and brown things.
Stacey Adams 2012 I needed new black shoes. This time I tried wide width.
DVS 2012 I was looking for wider shoes to wear with denim slacks when is gets cooler outside.
Aldo 2012 I needed new black shoes. I got these at the internet on sale.
Aldo 2011 I needed new black shoes. I got these at the internet on sale.
Aldo 2011 I needed new brown shoes. I got these at the store.
Mac Beth 2011 I had shoes similar to this in 2003 and I guess I am stuck in the past because I got these.
Aldo 2011 These were cheaper ordering from Zappos than going to store since I didn't pay for shipping or tax. I love the net.
Aldo 2010 These are black shoes and I wear them to work with pants and a shirt.
Vans 2010 These are newer school and puffy for use with shorts.
Vans 2010 Black on black slip ons. I am not sure what I think about these yet.
Aldo 2010 These are new black work shoes. I wear them to work.
Vans 2009 These replaced my brown Vans .
Aldo 2009 I got a hole in my black shoes so I picked these up. I have worn them 2 times at the time I am writing these and I like them a lot so far.
Aldo 2009 I needed dressier brown shoes for work. I went back to laces.
Aldo 2008 Similar to the brown ones below - I wanted to do something different so I went with the pointy toe.
Aldo 2008 It was time to try something a little different so I got these shoes with a more narrow tip because I am trying to be hip.
Vans 2007 I love these shoes so I got another pair. This time gray.
Keen 2007 I hate getting those white stains from salt and stuff when it snows so I got these that I can wear in the snow and with jeans at work.
Aldo 2007 It was just time to replace my black work shoes. I went to try some shoes on. I was going to get something a little more hip but these shoes I bought were just more comfy.
Aldo 2007 I wanted to get a replacement pair of tan shoes to replace these. But I couldn't find light brown so I got these. I like them. I think they are cool.
Vans 2006 I got these to replace these. I love these and wear them all the time so I thought I would get black.
Aldo 2006 These are just hot. Kidding. I wanted something a little more dope and these looked more like mocassins and they were on sale so it was a no brainer.
Vans 2006 This model was the 1st pair of Vans that I got in 1985. I also had them in the 1990s and now. They are the original classic style Vans. I am old school.
Aldo 2006 I fell out of love a little with my other brown shoes so I headed back to Aldo and picked them up. I am pretty excited about these.
BSI 2006
These are my new bowling shoes. My old pair were also rental shoes but these are paid for. I wanted something different than standard store bought bowling shoes so I went with the rental shoes. They don't help my bowling. I am very bad.
Aldo 2006
I got a pair just like these from Ken Cole but they got kind of work out so I bought these.
Vans 2005
I saw some cool people wearing these and I saw them at a store so I bought them in my size. Now I am a surfer skater dude.
J Crew 2005
These are like mocassins. WILD. I needed brown shoes so I got these and they are pretty weird.
Kenneth Cole 2005
I wanted to try something new so I got these. They don't have laces! I am gonna wear these to employment and when I want to look fancier with jeans that are blue.
Puma 2004
I have been told these look a little feminine but I thought I would try something new.
Reef 2004
This was an attempt for me to get into the whole flip flop thing and I have to admit that this experiment has not been too sucessful. I seem to trip on these things. I prefer sandals.
Aldo 2004
These have been great. I decided to try and save a few dollars and not buy Kenneth Coles so I went to Aldo and got these and they look just like Kenneth Coles and they have held up very well too.
DVS 2004
I have been looking for sandals like my Teva ones from 1999 below and these are the ones I have found. I like them and I think thie DVS company makes skate shoes even though they look kind of preppy.
Nike 2004
This was a big step for me - getting running shoes. I have not yet run in them but I have gone on a number of walks with my girlfriend with them.
Converse 2004
This is your standard low top Chuck Taylor. I bought these for Nate's wedding.
Mac Beth 2003
I think I saw an ad for these in this pop punk magazine that I get and they had Blink 182 and the Alkaline Trio wearing them. So I got them and they are pretty cool. I think this company is into like saving animals and stuff so their shoes are not made of leather.
Kenneth Cole 2003
These were a great buy and I have gotten a lot of wear out of them. But I don't wear them much any more since I got the Aldo shoes.
Vans 2002
This was an attempt I made to replace the 1999 Teva sandals and this plan didn't work out well. They sort of cut into the side of my foot so I cut a piece of the sides off but they still are a little uncomfortable.
Converse 2002
I got a lot of wear out of these. Some shoe person once told me that Chuck Taylors made after like 1999 are not high quality anymore but I have had a ton of luck with them.
Kenneth Cole 2002

These acted as my work shoes for a while and to be honest I don't know why I still have them.

Halogen 2002
These were made in Italy and were only on my feet maybe 6 times. I bought them to have brown dress shoes but these never really caught on.
Vans 2001
I got a deal on these so I bought them. I have the same problem with these as I did with the DC ones below so I really don't know why I bought these and I wear them rarely.
Converse 2000
These were the 1st pair of Chuck Taylors that I bought since I was a child. I thought it would be cool to bring them back into my style and as you see from the picture I have gotten a lot of wear out of them and my girlfriend thinks I should retire them.
DC 2000
I got these to try the new school skate shoes but I found them to be too big and clunky. So I have not worn them too much.
Teva 1999
These are probably the best and most worn sandals I have ever had. In fact I base new sandal purchases on these. I like the single strap and the fact that they are adjustable. The only problem with them is that when my feet get a little sweaty, they tend to get stinky.
Teva 1998
These have been around the block and back. I really only wear them to softball since my feet get dirty at softball and I throw them on after I remove my cleats.