I am going to write a new article about the Cubs every month of the 2007 Cubs season.

October 2007

Last to First
The Cubs won the Central Division championship. This is quite an accomplishment considering the Cubs ended last season as the worst team in the National League. The Cubs obviously spent a ton of money in the off season but winning the division was still an awesome accomplishment. Also considering how the Brewers were the best team in baseball for most of the 1st half of season, it is great that the Cubs kept focused, overtook the Brew Crew and never really looked back.

Homer Explosion
The Cubs made the playoffs pretty much because of the crazy home run production that they got in September. Soriano had 14, Aramis had 8, and Dlee had 7. The whole season, the Cubs struggled with power production but I am glad that they waited until September when it mattered most to unleash their power bats.

Soto has been awesome this year. It is interesting because he never had any seasons with big numbers at any point in his minor league career. He was the MVP of the AAA league and since his return to the big league club he has been hitting the cover off the ball and playing great defense. He also has no problem taking charge of the pitching staff even though he is a rookie. I hope his success continues in the playoffs because I think he might be getting some real playing time.

MVP of Season
The Cubs MVP this year has to be The Riot. He has played hard all year and seemed to be the catalyst for a lot of the Cubs wins this year. He is in the middle of a lot of the Cubs offensive successes. When Soriano was hurt, he stepped into the 1-hole and did a great job. He just plays hard and makes all the right decisions. Bob Brenly has mentioned it a number of times this year - The Riot can have a game where he will go 0 for 4 but he will draw a walk in an important part of the game or make a steller defensive play. He seems to do something every day to help the team win. It is hard to say that for the other players on the team.

I am so excited. The Cubs are in the playoffs. There is no more magical place than Wrigley Field and playoff baseball. I think the Cubs match up pretty well with the Diamondbacks. The Dbax are 26th in all of baseball in runs scored and 29th in batting average. So if the Cubs offense continues to roll, it looks like they will have a really good chance. I want the Cubs to win really bad. I will be going to games 3 and 4 if necessary. I am so excited.