I am going to write a new article about the Cubs every month of the 2007 Cubs season.

September 2007

The Race
The race is on and going full steam. I think it is going to go right down to the wire. This is so exciting. I don't think that the Cardinals are going to be there in the end. I have said from the beginning that they don't have the starting pitching and they have a game every day until end of year. The Brewers might be there in the end. I hope not but it should be exciting.

The Cubs bullpen has been solid this year. Eyre has turned his season around and the combo of Marmol, Howry, and Dempster has been really effective. Wood has not been lights out but has been a nice addition. The other pieces make me a little nervous. Wuertz and Ohman scare me but hopefully won't make a difference in the playoff race and not be in games that we have a chance of winning.

Soriano back and Monroe
It is great to have Soriano back. He provides a ton of pop in the lineup but things were a lot different when Theriot was leading off. The Riot was a more usual leadoff guy and Soriano just goes up there hacking. But Fonzies defense in LF is exciting. He just continues to gun guys out. Monroe was a nice pickup. He has not been overly impressive yet but hopefully he hits a couple of homers down the stretch and proves to be another solid right handed bat off the bench.

Homers - lineup
The Cubs have not hit a lot of homers this year. In the past we used to say that the Cubs rely on the home run for run production. Now that I am thinking about it - that is not such a bad thing. Getting 3 runs with base hits takes a lot of hits or walks in a row. Three runs via the homer could come on just 1 hit. The Cubs have power bats in their lineup. Hopefully toward the end of the year here - the big home runs will come from guys like Lee.

September Callups
September callups are always a little weird because sometimes it seems like it gives managers too many options. The Cubs filled in a few holes on the bench and bullpen but why they called up a kid like Sam Fuld is interesting. I think that move was made simply to replace Eric Patterson but I don't see Fuld getting many at bats down the road. Lou seems to go with the hot hand so hopefully that means a few more starts for a guy like Soto. I don't want to take anything away from Kendall - he has played great. But Soto was the MVP of the Pacific Coast league - they might want to catch some lightning in a bottle there with him.