I am going to write a new article about the Cubs every month of the 2007 Cubs season.

July 2007

Fontenot and Marshall
The young guys have been looking really solid. Fontenot is on a complete tear. He has been looking so great. Not only his bat, but he has played both 2B and SS. About a month and a half ago I was totally loving The Riot, but now I am thinking that these guys are pretty similar - at least because they both play the middle infield. They are different offensively, Riot is more patient and Fontenot has more pop and power. I wish we could meld them into 1 player. Sean Marashall has been pitching great this year. It is great to see these home grown arms in the rotation. Marshall and Hill make me forget about Wood and Prior.

Jones and Barrett
Barret is gone. This is very upsetting for my wife and I. We were big fans but what are you going to do? I guess we have to look forward to the future. It is too bad he is gone though. My buddy Murton is in the minors and my wife's buddy Barrett is traded. I do want Jacque Jones gone. They are having such a hard time moving him. It sounds like they had a deal with the Marlins pretty much done but the Cubs were going to be paying 6 of the 7 million left on his deal so the deal broke down. This is all crazy considering the decent numbers Jones put up last year.

Bullpen - Dempster Howry
I like Dempster. I think he is a decent closer. I don't love Howry but he has pitched a lot better lately and is filling in for Dempster while he is hurt. I think we do need a new Scott Eyre. I would prefer to get the effective Scott Eyre. The one from the last couple of seasons. Or I will take Gagne if we can get him from the Rangers. In the meantime, the back end of the bullpen with Dempter, Howry, Marmol and even Wuertz is solid.

The Brewers have had a great year so far. They did slip a few weeks ago and have a little losing streak but the problem was that the Cubs also played poorly during that stretch and didn't make up any ground. I can't see the Brewers having as good of a second half. If the Cubs can enter the All Star break at or above 0.500 I think they can make a charge in the second half. None of the other teams scare me at ll in the NL Central. The Cardinals are right behind the Cubs but I think that their rotation is pathetic and they will have an even worse 2nd half. Their starters include Todd Wellemeyer, Adam Wainwright, Braden Looper, Kip Wells , Brad Thompson, Mike Maroth, and Reyes. That is just bad.

All Stars Lee and Soriano
Lee and Soriano made the All Star Team. Zambrano is in the Final Spot voting thing. I also think that Aramis should have made the team. Aramis has more homers and rbis and a better batting average than the starting third baseman David Wright. I think the problem is that Wright in with the fan voting and Miguel Cabrera had to make the team because he has better numbers that both guys and the Marlins need a guy on the team.