I am going to write a new article about the Cubs every month of the 2007 Cubs season.

May 2007

For the first month of the season, Rich Hill has been the ace of the staff. Where is Zambrano? Big Z also had a bad start a year ago so hopefully he will heat it up as the weather heats up. Rich Hill has been really fun to watch. His control has been good in all but one of his starts and the big breaking ball looks unhittable. By the end of the year, Z and Hill might be a nice 1-2 punch for the Cubs 2007 playoff run.

Lilly Marquis 5th Starter
The staff has been solid for the most part this year. Well actually, I should say that Lilly and Marquis have been pleasant surprises so far. Both of them are in the top ten in the National League in ERA so far. The Cubs have had little need for a 5th starter so far so that has no been a huge issue. I think Wade Miller had 2 starts and it sounds like he will be gone with Angel Guzman taking his place soon. As I mentioned before I think that Zambrano will be fine and I hope that Hill continues his success.

Bats Heating Up
It seems like the bats are heating up. Lee and Aramis are hitting real well which is great because they used to be slow starters. Even though it seems like Soriano hasn't been hitting so well since he doesn't have a homer, and has a low number of RBIs, he does have a 10 game hitting streak. The Riot is having a great start. It looks like the Cubs are trying to keep him on the field as much as possible. The Cubs outfield needs to pick it up. All of the Cubs outfielders have a combined total of 2 homers.

I love to watch Pie play. I also love eating Pie especially Lemon Meringue and French silk but let's stick with the Cubs. Pie can run. He can cover a ton of ground in the outfield. He is impatient at the plate but I hope that improves. I am wavering what they need to do with the outfield. I think they should try playing Pie every day for a while and see what happens. But I agree with Cubs management that they do want him playing every day whether it is in the big leagues or AAA. Pie is the best defensive outfielder the Cubs have.

Outfield Logjam
I have alluded to it above but the Cubs have a big problem with their outfield. They have 5 guys fighting for playing time in the 3 spots. It is actually more like 4 guys fighting for 2 spots because Soriano will get most of the playing time in left field. I would typically think that this would be a good problem to have except that all 5 of these guys have a total of 2 homers and their RBI production is also pretty bad: Murton 2, Soriano 1, Floyd 9, Jones 7, and Pie 3. Hopefully the bats will come around soon but they better before the Cubs slip even more under .500.