I am going to write a new article about the Cubs every month of the 2006 Cubs season.

March 2007


So far Lou has been pretty uninteresting. He hasn't said anything drastic yet. I hope he lashes out at someone soon. I want to see some emotion. I guess all that matters is if the Cubs are competitive and win some games. I guess the manager's personality doesn't really matter. But there was a lot said about Lou's outbursts. I want to see some. Throw a base Sweet Lou!

Marquis and Lilly

I am actually excited about these guys. They might not be the huge free agent names like Jason Schmidt and Barry Zito but they are what the Cubs need - innings eaters. We need guys that will take the ball. The past couple of years we have been waiting for Wood and Prior. I am sick of waiting. We need innings. Marquis has bee right around 200 innings that past 3 seasons. Lilly has averaged 170 innings over the past 4 years.

Wood and Prior

I am sick of this topic but it is another year and we have the same issues with these guys. For the past 3-4 years we have asked the same question. Will they be healthy? We have already heard of stories from spring training that Wood hurt himself in the hot tub and Prior was already going to be held back. I keep telling myself that the Cubs can't rely on these guys then I find myself wondering how awesome the Cubs staff would be with these guys.


This is going to be interesting to see where everyone ends up in the outfield. I guess if the season started today it would be Murton in LF, Soriano in CF, and Jones in RF. Jones did come up to the big leauge as a CFer so that is an option. Cliff Floyd gives the Cubs another great left handed bat option but he can't stay healthy so who knows how much time in LF he will get. I think Murton is the key to this outfield. I think Soriano will have a great year but I think the Cubs really need to take a long look at Murton in the 2-hole. He is one of their most patient hitters and would do a great job giving Soriano to steal a base.

Biggest New Guy

I think the biggest change the 2007 Cubs will have over the 2006 Cubs is a healthly Derrek Lee. He is such an important part of both the offense and defense that was really missed last year. His offensive production couldn't be replaced last year and he saves a ton of errors over at first for the Cubs. When healthy, Lee can pretty much play all 162 games. I don't think he will repeat his 2005 numbers but I think we can pencil him in for 30 jacks and 100 rbis.