Dog Town =- Ro Boat

i've been looking at a few these past coulple week - just on-line ads and in the paper. i went out to look at one at fox lake yesterday.

it was AWESOME. the guy took such great care of it and has made it practically brand new.

all new upoholstery - all new electronics. GPS, Bose stereo, new shitter,


and the engine was great - i was amazed how good shape it was in.

i got it for a steal also - i called all these marina's asking about prices
of boats, etc. and it seems great.

i'm gonna put it at monroe harbor.

i'll probably need your help picking it up and putting it into the water.

i also talked to john yesterday - i'll be able to store the trailer in the
west gate lot, and probably store the boat there in the winter.



it's a 25 foot boat.

WOAH - good times.

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