I submitted this to here about how I like the web

My DSL connection was down a couple of months ago and I suddenly had a sense of loss  overwhelm me. I realized that I entirely rely on the internet for basic daily stuff. It took  me about 10 minutes to figure out how to contact my ISP considering I usually would have looked the number online. I forgot that I could call 411 and get the number.  I thought - man, I miss the internet.

Later that morning I wanted to see what the day's weather would bring since I had a softball game later that day. I usually would go to weather.com and see the forecast so I had to  remember what I did before. I turned on my TV and put on the Weather Channel and sat there  for 10 minutes until they did the Chicago forecast.  I thought - man, I miss the internet.

Later that day I needed to ask a friend of mine what time this party was the following  weekend and usually I email people to talk to them. But with my internet down, again I had  to beat my brain to figure out how I used to interact with people. So I dusted off my phone  and called him. Three rounds of phone tag later we talked about the party. I thought - man, I  miss the internet.

That night we went out for a beer after our softball game. We were watching the Cubs game at  the bar and I eventually realized that it was late and I needed to get home. I jumped in a  cab and by the time I got home the Cubs game was over so I thought I would jump on cubs.com  to see the final of the game. Again I remembered that my internet was down so I turned on  the TV and sat there for 25 minutes watching the sports ticker on ESPN2 waiting for the Cubs  score to pop in.  And I thought - man, I miss the internet.

What I learned that day is how much I rely on my internet connection. It almost feels like  life stops when my DSL is down. I go to the web for pretty much anything and everything. I  can't even remember back to the stone-ages (1994) when I did things without the in internet.