"Monahan, Kimberly" <kimberly.monahan@kraft.com>

It was funny because every time Jerry wasn't going to say a whole lot Wendell would break in telling him to say what he said to him and JP, so I think Jerry said more than he had planned to.

Jerry basically said that he wasn't completely surprised but not because they had talked about it but because of how she acted. He said whenever the cameras were off she just wanted to talk about the show, not them. Their phone calls were pretty blah also. So he pretty much had the idea that she wasn't interested. But she did pick him so he thought they might try dating. He said they went on several weekend trips after the show was done, and she mainly talked about the show on them!

JP said he was very surprised she didn't pick him because everything she had said up until that point lead him to believe she was picking him. But he's not bitter. They laughed about the fact that Jen's mom put Jerry's flowers in the vase from JP.

They all said they thought Jen was a great girl but they never really got to know her. They got to know each other better.
I didn't get to hear the whole thing, but they were pretty funny.
Jerry also said he's not planning on moving to Chicago, but does plan to keep visiting Wendell.

"Angela Mills" <psycmillie@yahoo.com>

I think we all knew Jen was a high-maintenance fickle bimbo who still doesn’t know what she wants. I am not at all surprised with her decision last nite to say NO to Jerry.

I just feel bad for all of the guys that she led on for weeks, and Jerry she led on for months. But surely NONE of the bachelors will have any trouble getting dates and finding nice girls that will treat them the way they deserve to be treated, like princes. As for Jen, I think the rumors ARE TRUE and I hope people don’t think of her as a typical Chicago girl….I know quite a few single girls in Chicago that are NOT like her.

Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

I have A LOT to say about the finale. What kind of BS was that? The producers made us watch a program for three hours that didn't even end up with a proposal? Not that I think she should have accepted--it was painfully obvious she didn't like either of these two guys--but that was crap. I guess I need to focus on how hilarious some parts were, for instance: Jen's mom putting the flowers from Jerry in the vase from JP was absolutely the highlight of the show. I wanna meet that lady. Did you guys see Jen's face? She was bewildered! Then, how funny was Jerry wearing a button of Jen's cheerleading picture from junior high? How come he couldn't be that funny the whole time?

When Jen turned Jerry down the second time, it was so obvious he was acting surprised. Please. You went on one date, and it didn't go any further than that. She didn't like any of her choices. Jen needs to get out of the spotlight and find a genuine man.

Was anyone else concerned that Jen's friends weren't being honest with her at the end? How come that weren't telling her to run in the opposite direction of both these guys, when it was so obvious she didn't want either of them. If you are so confused and have to "take a leap of faith" into marriage--RUN. Listen up ladies--if you are feeling sick to your stomach as you shop for your engagement ring, break it off! I hope her friends were telling her this in the limo, and we just didn't get to see it. If I were them, I would have told her to pack and things and blow off the finale!

Well, the next Bachelor starts in exactly one month. Does anyone else need more of a break than that? This is exhasting. Thank god my buddies cook such great meals on Monday nights and we laugh for two hours straight, otherwise, I would have to call it quits.

Jen lied tonight. She does have a new boyfriend. It is me. I am Jen's boyfriend. My name is Josh Mc Norwin.

Josh Mc Norwin

"Merilou Ziola" <mlz@binderrealty.com>

What a long evening! We had to wait 3 hours for Jen's answer. Did anyone feel that Jerry was not surprised with Jen's answer? They looked like strangers sitting there on that sofa. Jen has a lot more up her sleeve that she is not telling.


I got this from a friend of a friend of a friend - some girls saw Wendell, Ryan and John Paul at a bar in Chicago on February 21st, 2005.

Things we learned from Wendell last night:
1. He had to do the seen of him running up the Empire state Building like 8 times for them to get all the shots they wanted... and this was like 4a.m.... he said once he finally got to sit with Jen.. all he wanted to do was sleep :)
2. There is NO proposal during the next episode.. its all a lie!
3. Wendell lives like a block from North and Damen
4. Wendell has three cars of his own and he was FORCED to drive out to the suburbs to meet his parents the night he drove Jen out there, he said he didn't really want to, but the producers made him.
5. One time, Wendell went out of the house to got get a video game to play and the producers said to him, "can you do that again, but this time , take your shirt off?" I guess he laughed and said "no"
6. All the guys became really good friends with the camera crew during this episode because they spent so much time being filmed by them.
6. Wendell family wasn't ALL that drunk, his mom had had only one Margarita during that episode, but they (obviously being TV) exaggerated it as much as possible!)
It was funny at the end of the night though.... The guys were on the mic and were inviting everyone to their after party at a new bar called, Four... Wendell got on the mic and said "Come to our after party and get DRUNK, just like my family did on the show!"

Other highlights:

They did play the song, Mr. Wendell during one commercial break.....
John Paul has one of the finest butts I've ever seen! (second to yours though, Dave, I promise :) )
Funny moment... when Febreeze (what I call him) got on the screen during the show... all three guys, looking at the TV proclaimed "F*** You , Febreeze!" (it was funny!)
Wendell did almost give us his phone number but was pulled away to talk on the mic to the bar!
There are a lot of desperate woman in Chicago that gave their business cards out like it was there jobs last night to the guys ... come on lady's, a little word called class.... (and a little note from me called, "Why the hell didn't I bring any business cards with me!!!!????!!!"

We for sure got to hang with the 3 best guys, BY FAR from the show!!!!

Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

Rumors, rumors, here's the latest.

Don't read this if you don't want know what happens next week.....

A friend of mine knows one of the bachelors-who I'm not supposed to specify, but here's the scoop....

1. next week, both Jerry and JP propose.
2. Jenn says yes to Jerry.
3. They break up a week later.
4. Jenn is dating Bill Deck (sp.?) now, owner of Rockit and a huge, successful entrepreneur in Chicago-who according to Tara is bald and like 5 feet tall.
5. This contact also said that he just got back from filming the "men tell all" episode and that Andrew Firestone was there and all the guys thought he was awesome.
6. Jerry, JP, Wendell, Ben, and Ryan are all good friends and became friends with Firestone w ho said Jenn made him pay her $20,000 just to move away. Firestone said she's a huge golddigger, which would explain the Bill Deck attraction.
7. Also, I guess she was paid $60,000 to do the Bachelorette.
8. And finally, Jerry had a 3-some with Wendell's cousin and her friend who are both "butt ugly and nasty" according to our source. This happened during the filming of the men tell all weekend.


Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

Sorry, my comments are late. I did watch the show on Monday and I was very disappointed to see Ryan go home. His family was nervous--give them a break. But, did I honestly see him doing a commercial for Oral B prior to their date? This show is getting out of hand. Jean Paul still has bad shoes, and Jerry is not reality.

What were the producers leading to in regards to next week's Behind the Rose show--that Frenchie is gay? That has been eluded to several different times, but never pans.

Thank god we have The OC, One Tree Hill, and the Apprentice to keep us stimulated!

"Angela Mills" <psycmillie@yahoo.com>

I am VERY disappointed in this season of the bachelorette. Why did Jen let Ryan go? I was pulling for him. Again, I was duped by the show's producers leading me to believe Jen was going to axe Jerry. Jen even said that talking to Ryan was so comfortable. What did she mean by her comment at the end to Ryan, "when this is done there will be so many things that will be uncomfortable for us?" what in the world is she referring to???

And why John Paul, what does she see in him that we don't, or does she already know it's going to be Jerry??? I truly believed that the last men standing would be Ryan and Jerry. John Paul is just gross, there's something weird and awkward about him.

Oh, and did you hear meredith and what's his name split up??? so sad.

"Merilou Ziola" <mlz@binderrealty.com>

The only big surprise was the rose ceremony where Jen sent Ryan home. I really thought he would be staying, but I think his family was too much for Jen. Ryan did seem the most truthful and upfront with her but I certainly did not care for the stocking cap on the Cape Cod beach (and the Oral B Brush-Up portable toothbrush he used before he met her!).

John Paul is just too smooth and confident for someone 25 years old. Jerry, I really like you but there is a missing link somewhere--maybe Jen will never figure out what is really going on with you - you definitely do not like to be questioned--you can't handle that.

We will see who Jen's family likes in two weeks. My bet is the mother will be smitten with John Paul!


"Angela Mills" <psycmillie@yahoo.com>

I think my overall word for the evening's show was "skeptical". John Paul was wearing socks this week and appears to have a normal family (cute younger brothers and all, who were also checking out jen), I give him some bonus points for these things. Wendell was NOT a surprise, the inside scoop told me he was leaving after this show, but now I am curious about his family, they live near my school and my students...are they really a bunch of drunks or was that just a fluke? The hometown date with Ryan BOMBED! His family was extremely uninteresting, unless you're interested in Thailand. And Jerry's still pretty cool and a fantastic kisser, he seems to be more normal now that we know what his BIG secret was...

The rose ceremony was not surprising. And I'm glad she didn't accidentally call out fabreese's name at the rose ceremony, although that would have been hilarious!

Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

I watched this episode in fast-forward, so I only have a few things to say: Is Jen seriously considing going out in public with Jean Paul in his terrible clothes? Ugh. Nice brown suit...what year is this? Ryan's family may have been nervous, but they were rude. Jerry's family seemed nice, but on guard. We'll have to wait until next week...looks like Jen gets some action!

"Merilou Ziola" <mlz@binderrealty.com>

I think the home visits were a real eye opener for Jen. John Paul's family seemed very normal. I can't help but wonder how he got where he is at only 25 years of age. That house of his is great; maybe real estate is far less expensive in Oklahoma City. However, I still can't get past that smirky look on his face.

How weird was Ryan's home visit? What would Jen possibly have in common with this family? At least she got to sign the construction paper wallpaper in the bathroom! How fun is this?

Wendell, Wendell, Wendell - was your family so nervous that they had to start drinking early in the evening, or is this an every day practice? Also, why should the mother keep bringing up Andrew Firestone?

I think Jerry's home visit explained his reluctance to talk about his family. He didn't know how Jen would react with his mother's hearing impairment. Was there any mention of Jerry's father? I didn't catch it. How often does Jerry really see his family when they live in Rochester NY, and he lives in LA? I still feel like there are some secrets that Jerry is withholding, but I do like Jerry.

I think the final two will be John Paul and Jerry.


"Angela Mills" <psycmillie@yahoo.com>

Bye Bye Ben - he's probably a good catch, but we'll never know...

Good riddance to Frenchie AND now I'll continue watching the show! I think he only backed down because he knew Jen wasn't going to give him a rose. He continued to rip on all the guys about their cliche words in the letters and how impersonal they all are, I'm sure Frenchie's letter was much worse. And surely he wrote some of it in French, so thank goodness Jen knew it was his letter and didn't have yet ANOTHER uncomfortable date with Frenchie.

Ryan - seems very sweet, but i still don't really know much about him except the letter he wrote obviously impressed Jen, and he looks a lot like Slater from Saved By the Bell

Wendell - he is so nice, probably too nice and too much of a "Chicago" friend

John Paul - I'm not sure why he's still on the show, I'm still upset about the brown shoes with the black suit and NO socks

Jerry - he's still looking good, and if it doesn't work out with Jen, keep kissing girls that way and you're sure to have a great catch soon!

Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

Did Jen miss Jean Paul's shoes last week? His closet is total Miami Vice and his haircut in the mullet dictionary is called the "achey breaky bad mistaky." Was there any doubt Jen was going to pick Ryan and Jerry's letters? We've known this since day one. And how smooth is Jerry??? "I hope this is the last first date I ever have." I am smitten, but a little concerned with his being "far removed" from home....what does that mean? But, at least the farthest removed from home went back there...Fabrice! What a joke. He just wanted to save face, which did not work. The entire show he looked like he was going throw a stick of dynamite and run--SCARY, I tell ya.

Once again, the outtakes were the best part of the show. And if anyone wants to see airbrushed pics of Jen's boob job, check out www.awfulplasticsurgery.com. On to next week!

"Merilou Ziola" <mlz@binderrealty.com>

What a relief that Fabrice is out of the picture. He really freaked me out. Ryan seems very sweet, but I still can't figure out what they talk about other than, "I feel so comfortable with you". Does anyone think that Ryan looks like a tall Andrew Firestone? Jerry doesn't seem to really open up. I like him, but can't put my finger on what is bothering me about him--maybe too much mystery.

Finally, Jen are you NUTS getting rid of Ben and keeping John Paul?? Tonight Ben seemed like the best of the group. John Paul seems squirrelly--I would have definitely let him go!

From the preview of next week, I think Wendell's family really gives Jen a hard time.


Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

Well, another uncomfortable Bachelorette episode. I know Jen was paid to keep Frenchy on the show...unless she did so to get more information from his as we go on, cuz there's NO WAY he's making it to the end. Their date and the kiss made me so uncomfortable, I couldn't sit still. Now, on the other hand, how awesome were Jerry's moves? Note to all guys, use two hands to hold our heads when you kiss us and kiss our foreheads. Wow. I think he's discovered the key to my heart. "There needs to be a You, Me, and Us." I don't care if he did read that somewhere, I'm taking it over as my new mantra.

This is scary--is Jen afraid that she is going to find a husband by default? No one is WINNING roses, they are getting them because others are LOSING!

The best parts of this show have got to be Jen's honest comments and facial expressions to the camera. She is hilarious. And then, the outtakes at the end? How funny was Wendell imitating Fabrice? I'm telling you, it's gonna be Jerry and Ryan in the end.

"Angela Mills" <psycmillie@yahoo.com>

It seems that the show has finally begun to interest me. We have gotten to know some of the guys a bit better and there are actual conversations between the guys and Jen. It's still so humorous listening to these guys talk about their "emotional bond" (Keith) with Jen and did the water works help Frenchie? Or do the producers tell Jen who she has to keep?

So, Jen kissed a couple of the guys: she seemed disgusted while kissing frenchie, was that his tongue being forced between her lips? but she was definately kissing Jerry back! She seems to really like Jerry...but what about Ryan & Ben? We didn't get to hear much from them.

I love how everyone compares themselves to Andrew Firestone, I wonder if he's been watching the show?? And it's so funny listening to them all make fun of "Frenchie". Poor guy. Goodbye Keith (dork) and Josh (lover, warrior, & elf), you won't be missed! And John Paul had better start investing in some socks instead of real estate to wear with his woven dress shoes.

"Merilou Ziola" <mlz@binderrealty.com>

It is a real struggle to watch this series of the Bachlorette. Does Jen have any meaningful conversations with these guys? How awkward was that date with Fabrice where he started crying? Jen seemed so nervous she kept making strange contortions with her mouth. John Paul is 25 years old but seems like he is 45! Did anyone notice John Paul had no socks on at the Rose ceremony? Bare feet with loafers - Ugh!

My vote is for Ben - he seems the most normal. At times I find Jerry to be a bit creepy; no one knows Ryan--did Jen ever talk to Ryan? Josh - how impressive that you run 30 miles a day--do you have time to work? And Keith - maybe you should have shaved for the Rose ceremony!


"Rachel Greenman" <regreenman@yahoo.com>

What happened to all the hotties that previous bachelorettes got to pick from? I agree that Jen is experiencing some slim pickings. I'm hoping that next week we can learn some more real stuff about the guys,not just that cheesy line she got fed from Wendell about going to the lake house every Thursday. Wouldn't we all love to do that?

Here's my random suggestion for making the show a little more juicy--bring back Charlie from the Trista show!

I'm going to have to agree with the Ben, Ryan, Jerry scenario that someone described. These are the only remote possibilities.

"Angela Mills" <psycmillie@yahoo.com>

The show should be called "Jen perfecting her nods" because that's all we seem to get out of her...Jen has gotten good at the silent nod, as well as showing no _expression at all. What is she thinking? These guys are all losers? Stu is in love with her? How could this possibly happen in a short week? He's a creepy "honest" stalker. Good riddance! And I believe Ryan from New York said that Milwaukee is great and Chicago is beautiful. He's right about the latter, but has he ever been to Milwaukee? There's summerfest, and um oh summerfest.

I'm also wondering about Jen's friends...Keith? Why? What did they see that we're not seeing? I can't even look at him.

So, who's left? I think she kept some of the guys out of pitty and others for pure entertainment purposes. Jen - good luck finding your down to earth, wholesome, family and friends guy in this bunch!

One thing I learned: Only a few men can pull off the no tie with a suit.

And did anyone notice the disgusting empty pizza box and burrito on the table?

"Monahan, Kimberly" <kimberly.monahan@kraft.com>

Last night's episode was the weirdest thing I think I've ever watched. First there is the all time grand champion stalker, Stu, WEIRDOOOOOOOOOOOO. There is no way that guy is ever going to get a date after being on this show. Then there is the weird guy giving Jen an angel that was the same as the one he buried with his mother! And let's not forget the French guy, although I don't know if he's more annoying then weird. The topper, if I hear one more guy talk about the amazing connection he feels with Jen, I am going to scream. Someone needs to remind these guys that they barely know her, they were only on their first dates and second time meeting her!

Then on top of all that weirdness, there were the conversions Jen was having with each guy. They were the most uncomfortable situations I've ever seen. I felt uncomfortable watching them. Each conversation seemed to be the same, how pretty she was and how much they wanted to get to know her, and then she'd send them on their way and bring in the next.

When the rose ceremony came up, I think she had a hard time deciding on what eight to keep. And instead of it being because they were all so great, it was because there weren't that many normal ones to give out eight!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she will have no problem giving out roses in the next couple ceremonies. Lastly, I think the producers should learn from this and not let the next bachelor/bachelorette have any part of picking the candidates.

Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

I honestly think you could sum up last night's episode with one word: STALKERS

If I were Jen, I would be afraid of these guys. How 'bout the guy who gave her the cross necklace charm and told the story of his mother being buried with one? Are you kidding me? He's known her for a week! Who votes she found a way to return it? And, how 'bout the guy who got her autograph? That guy has had too much smoke inhalation at work. And, last but certainly not the least of the stalkers--Stu. He said he's been thinking about her every minute since they met? Dude...get a hobby. Read a book. Start a stamp collection. Geez.

Do you think Jen is telling the producers, "You know what? I did better on my own in Chi-town."???

I think there are only a few ways this can go: Either Jen really likes ice cream (Ben and Jerry), or she's going with the warmer option of Ryan. I don't see it ending any other way!

"Merilou Ziola" <mlz@binderrealty.com>

Is it just me, or does everyone feel like all these guys are losers? How many times do we have to hear each guy say, "I feel a real connection with Jen". Why would Mark give her a guardian angel necklace that meant so much to him when he doesn't even know her yet? I know Jen felt very uncomfortable with this and I did too. Also, Matt practically worshipping her autograph on the basketball ticket--this is sick. All these guys are in love with love, not with Jen. And more than one mentioned this is the most important thing that has happened to them in their entire life--this is very sad.

Out of the 8 she kept, I think my favorites are Ben, Jerry and Ryan (from California) although tonight's episode didn't tell me too much more about them. Hey guys--a little advice--let's try to relax (Matt the fire fighter couldn't do that), get to know Jen and let her get to know you before you profess your undying love for her; otherwise, you will all look too pathetic.


"Monahan, Kimberly" <kimberly.monahan@kraft.com>

Jen, Jen, Jen...... Where did her taste in men go! I can't believe she picked some of those guys! She looks good, however I would like to note she is really showing off the girls this time around! I LOVE the fact her girlfriends were spies, some of the guys didn't know what hit them. The previews make Jen's quest for love to be one with tons of emotions and the guys getting in tons of trouble...........I guess we'll have to wait and see!

"Rachel Greenman" <regreenman@yahoo.com>

I've been looking forward to the new season and I definitely wasn't disappointed. The first 45 minutes of the show were worthless, but it got good quickly after that. Yes, Jerry is the hottest of the bunch, but he seems a little slimy and in search of the spotlight. I think Ben the ski instructor and the two teachers were very cute. My prediction for week 2: Jen will be intrigued by the welder because her friends picked him, but she'll quickly realize that he won't shop with her on Oak Street weekly. Who was the guy who made the shopping comment to her friends? He'll definitely stay on for a few weeks.

On a side note, I'm 99% sure that I saw Jen at Bed, Bath, and Beyond just before New Years. She had a handful of towels and bathmats. Are she and her new man making some changes to their new home?

Until next week...

"Angela Mills" <psycmillie@yahoo.com>

So, it's Jen's "2nd Chance at Love"...will she find her perfect man? After the 1st 15 guys were introduced I almost turned the show off, what was she thinking? They NEVER should have let Jen pick the guys! Chris (drunk hairdresser), David (tight clothes boy who likes to show off his assets), Fabrice (cocky French guy), enough said. I learned a new toast - something about cheat, steal, and be my friend, isn't that sweet. I'm rooting for Ben (ski instructor), Jerry (artist), Ryan (teacher!) and Matt (fireman).

Good Luck Jen! (Although, who wouldn't be able to find someone out of 1000s of applicants.)

Sandy (sandradee228@comcast.net)

Well, well, well, the first bachelorette of 2005.  This show, by far, was the funniest!  Jen looked great, as always—I’ll have to say I’m jealous she gets to shop in New York and have 25 guys competing for her!  But, does anyone agree that her lot was slim pickins?  There are only a few I consider cute in my book, and only one that I think is truly “eye candy”—Jerry.  I think perhaps Jen has different taste in men considering she had input prior to the show.  Another question: Does anyone think the producers hired the yahoo from Kentucky?  He was seriously cracking me up.  Unless you saw the show, I doubt you would believe that he licked his first two fingers and snapped in approval of Jen’s looks. 

IS “Down to Earth” THE NEW BACHELORETTE BUZZWORD?  Perhaps not, considering “down to earth” Jen was shopping at Henri Bendel, but consider these:

1.) Jen said things didn’t work out with Andrew because they were always traveling from city to city. She needs more grounding in her life. Sounds like she needs “down to earth” relationship (literally), rather than one in a plane.

2.) David passed out during the rose ceremony. He was definitely “down to earth.” For those of you with TI-Vo or DVR, watch the rose ceremony again. Look in the background prior to the fainting episode to see David rubbing his forehead and turning white. I was laughing so hard, I cried. He knew he was going down.

3.) How cool was it to have her friends as spies? The person, who got the first rose, chosen, by them, was chosen because they thought he was “down to earth.”

Can’t wait for next week!

"Merilou Ziola" <mlz@binderrealty.com>

How did some of these guys make the screening? Who is doing the screening? Did the drunken hairdresser really think he had a chance? At least he could have washed his hair before the taping. I am surprised more of the fellows didn't "faint"--after all--they were doing a whole long evening of intense drinking!

I do like Jerry but will have to wait for more weeks to see what he is really like. He made a good first impression. Stu seems entirely too desperate.

Finally, I wonder if Jen's face hurts because her mouth was in a full smiling position for hours!!