i wanna write a number one song

for all of you to sing along

you'll tune into it on the radio

you'll see me on your favorite tv show

(different riff) ya ever think a punk song would top the charts?

a song about ugly girls and jokes about farts.

(chorus?) even your grandma will know my name

your little cousin will think we're lame

from midnite to noon you'll hear this tune

don't worry the world tour will be in your town soon

they'll name a street after us one day

they'll take a moment and pray

they'll give us a hallmark holiday

who is they anyway?

we just wanna rock

we're just in it for the money

we're writing this song for you

oh, and the free beer and a room filled with honeys

there will be a funslice behind the music

there will be a hidden track at the end of our cd

and a parental advisory sticker on the cover

my shitty apartment will be on cribs on mtv

play the halftime show at the super bowl with brittany

money coming out of our ears, gimee gimee

plastic surgery for me and my family

a nice place to live unhappily

ever after

unhappily ever after and after forever

even after this song i will feel comfortable in my skin

and find pride in being an american

at least i have this song

what have you given to society?

(#5 blink 182 party jacket harmony at end)