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Wine Drinking Team Names

Browse through team names to find funny team terms and cool team names.

Check out our complete list of team names with wine.

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Wine Drinking Team Names

  • Emptying Out And Re-Filling
  • Women Waiting to Wish for Wine Wisdom
  • Closed for Business, But Open for Wine
  • Eight Great Women and Some Wine Just in Case
  • Hating Life, But Loving Wine
  • The Cabern- Eight
  • The Rabbit's Hopping And We're Drinking
  • Wine Knot?
  • The Cork Dorks
  • Purple Smiles, Inc
  • Merlot & Martinis
  • We're Drinking Wine, Not Flying Bravo
  • Pinot Gallery
  • Club Femmes
  • Rare Meat and Wine
  • Eight Great Women and a Case of Bad Wine
  • Just Wine, No Strings Attached
  • Sitting On a Nice Merlot, So Pour Me Something Different
  • The Vagina Winologues
  • 7 hot women who drink wine
  • Time For a Little Red
  • The Cabernet Connection
  • Whiners & Winers Inc.
  • We Want Wine, Not a Bloody Mary
  • Women With Wine Wisdom
  • Wine Whores
  • Women Wishing for Wine Wisdom
  • All for Wine and Wine for All
  • The Wine Eightpreciators Society
  • Sippers & Drippers
  • Onanphiles
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, And He Brought Wine
  • Club Quaff
  • Men Are From Mars so Women Drink Wine
  • Winey Chicks
  • Not Pregnant, So Pour Me Some Wine
  • Winers Take All
  • 8 Sophisticated Ladies
  • Eight Great Women and a Case of Good Wine
  • The Magnificent Seven and Their Hostess
  • We Need Wine, Period!
  • Having Company Over
  • Sippermen
  • Eight Great Gals Who Can Gulp
  • It's That Time of the Month