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Volleyball Drills

A purpose of a drill could be to fix a problem, or improve volleyball skills such as passing or hitting.

Are you looking to get your team ahead of the game with volleyball drills?

Volleyball Drills 2018


One and Freeze

One person stands on the opposite side of net and serves to another. A third person stands in the receiver's side setting position. Receiving person must set serve. The correct contact point is just above the forehead (hairline). When contacting the ball, the hands move in one direction only. Freeze with arms fully extended in the direction you want the ball to go. (Hands are same distance apart upon completion as they were during contact.) Hands follow the ball. Receiving person must set the ball to a third person standing in the setter position. After three successful passes, the threesome rotates and setter goes to serve.

Toss Catch Drill

One person tosses the ball at another who passes it back. The idea is to really develop consistency in basic passing skills and to make sure passer is correctly using legs not arms and wrist when they pass.

To develop correct fundamentals, this drill requires one person to simply catch the ball and throw it back.

Target Aim

Place a ball cart in any zone on the court, preferably the two back corners on the opposite side of the volleyball net. Line up the entire team with balls behind the end line. Allow the players to serve one at a time. The object is to directly hit the ball cart target to earn three points. A missed hit earns zero. The first person to reach fifteen points gets to sit while the rest of the team completes laps or sprints. Teaching players to hit targets on the court gives them an extremely valuable skill.

SR Wash Drill

Side A receives a serve from Side B. Play point out. Winner of rally gets a snapped ball. Play point out. If one side wins both rallies, it earns a big point. If rallies are split, no one scores a point.

The scoring is wash scoring. Rotate and sub every three points. Serve alternates to each side. Play to 15 big points.



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