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Volleyball Cheers


We've got moves, we've got serves
Let's celebrate with hors d'oeuvres

Guess what? Your ball hit the roof
We've got proof, it's called one point

That ball's on the net, don't play the clarinet
Joust! Joust! Joust!

We're gonna bet
You hit the net
That's all net!

When the ball moves fast, but close to the net
Don't dislike the spike. Spike it!

Rock the net
Roll the ball
Spike it for a score!

You held that ball, are you trying to stall?
Call that foul! Call that foul!

That's cards not green, purple or red
It's a yellow card instead

The ball was served, the setter set
Amy (fill in player's name or name of mascot) sent it over the net

When we play, we don't fluff
We just stuff. We just stuff.

We don't mean to be goaders
But that ball is a floater

Don't you stall, serve that ball
So we can HIT! We will HIT!

Were fired up, were sizzlin

were turnin up the heat
cause when it comes to volleyball
we just can't be beat!

Bump, Set, Hit, Spike That's the way we like to fight!

Good set, good spike, goodbye!

We Will, We Will, Rock you down, Shake you up, Like a volcano about to erupt, Mighty mighty (team name) here to stay, We'll rock you all night, and rock you all day! Whoaa Go (team name).

For an encouraging cheer and to pump up your team, go.. 
What time is it?
Game time!
What time is it?
Game time!
All the (team name) in the house! bump, set, spike!
All the (team name) in the house! bump, set, spike!
Goooooooooooo (team name)!

The crowd can do it even on every play. It is easy, fun and helps to get the crowd into the game. 

"Ace, ace in your face" 

pump pump pump it up!
(echo - rest of team) pump pump pump it up!
pump that (school name) spirit up!
(echo - rest of team) pump that (school name) spirit up!
crank crank crank it up!
(echo - rest of team) crank crank crank it up!
crank that (school name) spirit up!
(echo - rest of team) crank that (school name) spirit up!
keep keep keep it up!
(echo - rest of team) keep keep keep it up!
keep that (school name) spirit up!
(echo - rest of team) keep that (school name) spirit up!
We've got a team that's backed by pride.
There must be some (Lions) on our side.
Stand up and yell, for our victory tonight.
Come On (Lions) fight fight fight.

“Ahhhh KILL, KILL, KILL!!!"

“whoop whoop swish”

“She said NO!!” 



"Shingle, Shingle, ROOF!"

“Uhhhhh!” or “Nooooooo!”

Uno, dos, tres, ACE! Go (team name)!

"Awe access" (hit the floor) "Denied" ( when you say denied, raise your hands over your head so they can be seen)

After a successful block, the person who got it says "BRICK" and the rest of the team goes "WALL".

Up in space and in your face!

“You try to get
All in our space 
We slam that ball 
Back in your face!”

You better duck
You better hide
‘Cuz (server’s name) is serving to your side. 

If you are winning points in a row..

“we won another one just like the other one - instant (clap clap) - repeat (clap clap)” 

"3 is her number!
(team echos)
Audrey is her name!
(team echos)
She's 1 reason!
(team echos)
We're gonna win the game!

“we'll B-E-A-T beat um
we'll B-U-S-T bust them
beat um bust them that’s our custom”

Ahhhh ACE! A-C-E! ACE!

"One... Two... Three... ACE!"

Ace- AHH ace!

A{stomp} C{stomp} E{stomp} ace {stomp}
{and land in the middle with your team mates}

“to the window, to the wall, we saw you shank that ball..
shank you very much”

“AHH killaaa!”

(after a bomb hit, everyone runs into the middle and says 'tick tick' and jump backwards and then say..) “BOOM!!”

"Tick, Tick, BOOM!"

Volleyball Cheers – for Tipping

“tip, tip, tipper”

s-i, s-i-d, s-i-d-e-o-u-t, sideout, (clap clap) (team name)

after any point scoring play - Ahhhh sweet

after a loss of point - Ahhhh team

H-O-T-T-O-G-O (name of your team) is Hot to go!!

Say what, what?
Hot to go!
Say what, what?
Hot to go!

We’re Bad,
We’ve got the game,
We can’t be had,
We’re the best,
Our Team’s got steam, (or We are the cream!)
We’ve got the Stuff,
To rock your team!
Go (team name) GO!

We are the (your team name—two syllables works best)
The mighty, mighty (your team name)
We got the beat yeah
And it goes like this
Clap your hands together twice 
Clap the hands of the cheerleaders next to you twice, or if you are on the end clap your side
Clap your hands in your lap twice
Stomp twice

We’re number one
Can’t be number 2
And we’re going to beat
The whoopee out of you!

Players on court go... Ahhhhhhhh ace! 'grunt' (players clap as they grunt) then team bench players do the same thing right after.

(everyone chants) 1, 2, 3, 4, EVERYBODY HIT THE FLOOR (the whole team hits the ground three times in unison, the team claps once and says ACE!

1 2 3 ACE...

a c e double whoop whopp ACE!!!

ACE! A – C – E , ACE!

Find the empty space
Serve that ace

Serve it! Serve it!
Do not swerve it!

Here's your serve
Boom! Over the net

Watch that ball, watch it fall
Time for a campfire, time for a campfire

Center line, it's all fine
Over the net!

C'mon player, hit that serve
We are ready, we've got nerve

Where'd you go?
Out of bounds
One more round, One more round

That's like a strike
That ball was wiped
Wipe out!

Double hit that won't sit
We get that ball!

The crowd is mild, but that ball went wild
Shank ball! Shank ball!

Wooooosh (slide stepping in one direction) what was that?
Woooooosh (slide stepping on the floor in the opposite direction) you hear that?
Never worry, never fear
That’s just (server’s name)’s ball flying past your ear!

O-V-E-R, Over the net (clap twice)
Serve it, serve it
Go (girl’s name that’s serving)!

3,6,9 our serves are fine
bump it to me, set it to me one more time
get low, get low, put yo knee pads on the flow.
(everyone yells) YOU KNOW!

Uno, dos, uno dos tres
This next serve’s gonna be an ACE!

Hey Hey
You get out of our way
Today is the day
We will put you away!

Our score's at 24
We want one more

We're almost there, just a few points more
15 wins it! Eagles win it!

“one!!!” on the serve receive

“two!!!” on the set

“three!!!” on the hit

"C!!!!" on the pass...

"M!!!!" on the set...

"S!!!!" on the hit….

one, two, three, four everybody hit the floor
(all the players on the court dive on to the floor and slap the ground)

aaawe ace! clap clap- clap clap. stomp clap stomp clap whoo!

KISS THAT ACE!! lick your finger and sizzle it on your booty when u say "ACE"


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