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Star Trek Team Names

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Star Trek Team Names


  • Transporter Room Three
  • Ferengi-lickin’ Good
  • Set Phasers To ‘Guess’
  • Section 31 Flavors
  • The Earl Grey Hotties
  • Oxmix's Vig
  • Deep Space Fine
  • The Data Crunchers
  • Guardians of Forever
  • The Picard Maneuver
  • The Archons
  • Ten Forward Pubbers
  • The Four Lights
  • The Q&A Continuum
  • The Gorn Ultimatum
  • Riker’s Beard
  • The Beast at Tenagra
  • Picard-er Questions, These Are Too Easy
  • The Wesley Crushers
  • Bajoran Ballers
  • The Final DraftBeer
  • Do I Riker? I Never Even Met Her!
  • Check Yourself Before You Holodeck Yourself
  • The Number Ones
  • Worf of Wall Street
  • Worf of Wall St
  • The 10 Forwards
  • The Ladys of Troi
  • Team Troi-via
  • The Ladys of Troi