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Electronics Club Names

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Electronics Club Names

  • Flux Capacitors
  • The Op Amps
  • The Hard Drives
  • The Rectifiers
  • The Flip Flops
  • DIP Switches
  • The Electro-Motive Force
  • The Phase Locked Loops
  • The Traveling Wave Tubes
  • Hertz
  • The Giga Biters
  • The Pentodes
  • The Exclusive
  • The Super Heterodynes
  • GFI Could Only Win
  • The Power Transistors
  • The Silicon Nodules
  • The Hysteresis Loops
  • The Monovibrators
  • The NANDs
  • The Power RElsays
  • Motherboards? Bored Mothers
  • Scuzzies
  • Flash Drivers
  • The Cordless Phones
  • Circuit Breakers
  • The Mega Hurts
  • The Mask Works

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