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Dinner Group Names

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Dinner Group Names

  • Everybody Eats
  • Lions for lion-naise potatoes
  • Food, Friends and Fun (The FFF club)
  • Saturday Night Chevre
  • Supper Club
  • Food for the Soul
  • Chomp 'n' Stomp
  • The Italian Supper Club
  • Vista Cucina
  • 'Sup Everybody
  • Table Talk
  • Dinner Dates
  • Open Table
  • Close Dining
  • Taste of the Lake
  • Meals and Mates
  • The No-Fuss Feast
  • Appetite for Destruction
  • The Dew Drop Inn Supper Club
  • Monthly Meal Mates
  • Breaking Bread
  • Condo Cats
  • Monthly Meatballs
  • Good Grub Social Club
  • What Sup
  • Both mean friends dining together.
  • Warmhearted Nourishment
  • The Art of Dining
  • The Call of the Mild
  • Eat Meet
  • Filet of Soul
  • Epicurious