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Psorasis Walk Team Names

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  • So Long Psoriasis Flaky Feet
  • In Tune With Autoimmune
  • Blondes in Scaly Bonds
  • Derm It, Psoriasis!
  • Better Together To Find A Cure
  • Tip The Scale On Psoriasis
  • Inflamed Blondes Responds
  • I Have My Own Special Beauty Marks
  • Psoriasis Pavement Pounders
  • Skin Deep
  • I am Not This Hair. I Am Not This Skin. I Am The Soul That Lives Within.
  • Blondes With Itchy Bonds
  • There Is No Shame To Being In Pain
  • Soothing Striders
  • Itching for a Cure
  • Blondes in Flakey Bonds
  • Tip the Scales
  • Blondes With White Bonds
  • Lotion in Motion
  • I Am Not My Psoriasis
  • Get Flared Up To Fight Psoriasis
  • Imagine A Life Free Of Psoriatic Disease
  • I Have Psoriasis, Not Cooties