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Dolphin Jokes

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Dolphin Jokes 2019


  • What is a dolphins favorite holiday? Findependence day.
  • Where do dolphins sleep? In water beds.
  • Why don't dolphins play basketball? Because there afraid of the net.
  • Why did the two dolphins get married? They were head over fins in love.
  • Where do dolphin races end? The dolphinish line!
  • Why don’t dolphins play tennis? Because they’re afraid of the net.
  • What do dolphins need to stay healthy? Vitamin Sea.
  • What happened after the dolphin ate tainted fish? He lost his herring.
  • Did you know that dolphins sometimes eat cephalopods like an octopus? Seriously, I'm not squidding.
  • Where do women dolphins keep their money? In their octopurse.
  • How does a pod of dolphins make a decision? They Flipper coin.
  • How did the dolphin find the World Wide Web? In a Net.
  • What did Cinderella Dolphin lose? Her glass flipper.
  • What did the magician say to the dolphin? Pick a cod, any cod!
  • What is a dolphin’s favorite game show? Whale of fortune.
  • How do dolphins travel long distances? They whale (hail) a cab.
  • What birthday party game do dolphin like to play? Salmon Says.
  • Who helps injured dolphins? Sturgeons!
  • Why did the dolphin cross the road? To get to the other tide.
  • Did you know that dolphins can also squirt ink? Just Squidding!
  • What did the dolphin say when he posted bail? "I'm off the hook!"
  • Where do dolphins sleep? In a water bed.
  • I heard the dolphin fell in love with the girl next dorsal.
  • What did the dolphin say when the priest tossed him a fish? Holy Mackerel
  • . If dolphins lived on land, which country would they live in? Finland.
  • What is a dolphin's favorite TV show? Whale of fortune!
  • What do dolphin use for money? Sand dollars!
  • Do dolphins ever do things by accident? No, they do everything on porpoise.
  • What country do dolphins like most? Dolph-Finland
  • Why did the dolphin blush? Because it saw the oceans bottom.
  • What did the people say when they were waiting for the dolphins to jump? Water they waiting for!
  • Why don’t dolphins do well on school tests? Because they work below C-Level.
  • Why don't dolphins pass their exams? Because they work below C-Level.
  • How could the dolphin afford to buy a house? He prawned everything!
  • Telling people about different types of dolphins gives me porpoise.
  • Are the shows at Sea World fun? Dolphinately.
  • How did the dolphin get to the hospital? In a clambulance.
  • Why did the dolphin feel grumpy? He ate too many crabs.
  • How do did the octupus make the dolphin laugh? With ten-tickles!


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