I was thinking that it would be neato to do a mini Q and A with the people that hit my website. Why? Cause I love hearing from the people that goto drodd.com daily, weekly, monthly, and when they are on the toilet. This new installment is called Dr. Odd's Fans. If you think that you go to drodd.com too much or just want to be interviewed on this page - let me know. Even if you don't want to be on here, let me know because it is great finding out who you people are. Love - Odd Doctor.

How are you?

I am fantastic. Life is good, it's Sunday night, the weather is decent and looking good for Monday, and Kelsey my daughter is sleeping through the night!

Who are you?

I am Wendy Regan, 32 years old and mother of a 14 week old baby. I used to be a teacher but I quit so I could stay home with Kelsey!

How did you hear about Dr.Odd.com?

One of my greatest friends in the world is dating Dr.Odd.....her name as you all know is Angela. She hooked me. I have to log on every day.

Has Dr.Odd.com done anything for you?

Well, it makes me laugh and sometimes it grosses me out. It has made me aware that Angela is truly dating someone who is odd. I get some good Cubs info and I learn a ton about Z!

What is your favorite part of Dr.Odd.com?

I would have to say that the Z is not a celebrity is too funny! I have no idea why but it makes me laugh out loud. I love the My Life Recently pics,the Vomit pics and the Fun Pic! I also like voting for stuff...anything.

What is your least favorite part of Dr.Odd.com?

I can't really say. I must admit that I have not visited every single item on Dr.Odd. So far though I have not disliked anything!

Are you odd?

I have been called worse. One odd thing about me is that I have to set my alarm clock to an odd time...like 6:11 or 5:33. I also count the squirts of my lotion out of the bottle in odd numbers and set my heat and air temps in the house at odd numbers. I guess that is kind of strange.

What do you think the next goofy thing should be on Dr.Odd.com?

Well, since I have come to know Dr.Odd I noticed that he likes the word poop. Maybe Dr.Odd could make a new thing and call it Poop Pic. Instead of people vomiting he could find people pooping...or piles of poop..or dog poop...or baby poop..or poopy toilets or diapers?