I was thinking that it would be neato to do a mini Q and A with the people that hit my website. Why? Cause I love hearing from the people that goto drodd.com daily, weekly, monthly, and when they are on the toilet. This new installment is called Dr. Odd's Fans. If you think that you go to drodd.com too much or just want to be interviewed on this page - let me know. Even if you don't want to be on here, let me know because it is great finding out who you people are. Love - Odd Doctor.

How are you?

I'm fantastic, thanks for asking.

Who are you?

My name is Michael Atkinson.

How did you hear about Dr. Odd.com?

My girlfriend Ann. She is very hot.

Has Dr. Odd.com done anything for you?

Since using Dr. Odd.com I've lost 10lbs, have more energy, better memory retention, make more money and have noticed that people find me more attractive. Dr. Odd.com really works.

What is your favorite part of Dr. Odd.com?

I have to say I'm fairly partial to the surveys. I enjoy their interactive nature. And the photos of all the hot chicks that associate with Dr. Odd are not bad either.

What is your least favorite part of Dr. Odd.com?

I could really do without the vomit link.

Are you odd?

I have this thing where the sound of people urinating really bugs me. So please, for the love of God, when you're in there turn on the the fan, radio, ballgame, etc. Help me out. Also, I usually clip my fingernails about twice a week and sometimes shower as many as three times a day.

What do you think should be the next goofy thing on Dr. Odd.com?

You know, maybe you could set up some kind of separated at birth page for those who frequent the site. I mean we already know Dr. Odd resembles Brad Pitt, but what about the rest of us? Also, perhaps something where people can email or share odd experiences or stories could be interesting as well. I've got one about the time I won a bowling tournament wearing a tuxedo because I got arrested the night before, but I'll save that for another day. You mullet bowlers would love it. But right now I gotta get back to work...