I was thinking that it would be neato to do a mini Q and A with the people that hit my website. Why? Cause I love hearing from the people that goto drodd.com daily, weekly, monthly, and when they are on the toilet. This new installment is called Dr. Odd's Fans. If you think that you go to drodd.com too much or just want to be interviewed on this page - let me know. Even if you don't want to be on here, let me know because it is great finding out who you people are. Love - Odd Doctor.

How are you?
So so, I am sick and have been for a while but I just got a new car so that is exciting. For a while the health department thought I might have that SARS thing, but I'd probably be pushing up daisies by now if I had it.

Who are you?
Joe DeNicholas, I live in Phoenix, AZ. I am an enginerd.

How did you hear about Dr. Odd.com?
My friend Z told me about it.

Has Dr. Odd.com done anything for you?
It cheers me up and makes me laugh.

What is your favorite part of Dr. Odd.com?
The surveys and the pictures of all you guys doing fun things I am missing out on because I live several thousand miles away.

What is your least favorite part of Dr. Odd.com?
Gross pictures, but sometimes they are funny too.

Are you odd?
Without any question.

What do you think should be the next goofy thing on Dr. Odd.com?
We need our on version of "Are you hot or not" where we put someone we know up there and vote away at it, that would be funny. It doesn't even have to be hot or not, it could be something else that would be funnier. I'd have to think about it for a while.