I was thinking that it would be neato to do a mini Q and A with the people that hit my website. Why? Cause I love hearing from the people that goto drodd.com daily, weekly, monthly, and when they are on the toilet. This new installment is called Dr. Odd's Fans. If you think that you go to drodd.com too much or just want to be interviewed on this page - let me know. Even if you don't want to be on here, let me know because it is great finding out who you people are. Love - Odd Doctor.

How are you?
I’m fabulous! My family is great, my friends are awesome, my man is hot, and it’s summertime in Chicago. Life is good.

Who are you?
I am Ann Mazur - 30 years old, and work in commercial mortgage banking.

How did you hear about Dr. Odd.com?
I did a Google search for “mullet bowling” and I’ve been hooked on Dr. Odd.com ever since.

Has Dr. Odd.com done anything for you?
Not only does Dr. Odd.com educate me with the word of the day…it definitely makes me laugh too!

What is your favorite part of Dr. Odd.com?
I like the pictures and the polls. The “Z is not a celebrity” photos are always hilarious! And I have to say that I’m intrigued by what’s for lunch. Dr. Odd’s metabolism is KICKIN’…and quite frankly, I’m jealous.

What is your least favorite part of Dr. Odd.com?
No question - the vomit link has got to go.

Are you odd?
I’m obsessed with twirling my hair, and anything that smells like vanilla. But other than that, I don’t consider myself particularly odd.

What do you think should be the next goofy thing on Dr. Odd.com?
I think an advice column would be entertaining. Mr. Odd could certainly assist his fans with advice on relationships, work, fashion, breaking bad habits, etc. Dr. Odd has already taught me that shoving toothpicks in his mouth curbs cigarette smoking – good stuff to know. Or, perhaps a chat board would be funny. People could chat about the events from the My Life Recently pictures, mullet sports, the Cubs, polls, etc.