Family Guy Fun

Mother Tucker

Oh, this is so exciting.
Maybe we'll get lucky and see another crash this year.
Yeah, we can get some souvenirs.
Last year, I got an altimeter and a shinbone.
Eh, this is boring.
I'd rather be home watching that video from The Ring.
Peter, don't...
they say if you watch that video you die.
Ah, that's a lot of baloney.
We can build this thing together
Standing strong forever
Nothing's gonna stop us now.
Look, there's Mr. Quagmire's plane!
Ladies and gentlemen,
keep your eye on the sky for the aerial acrobatics
of Captain Glen Quagmire.
Whoa, gonna need some help here.
All right.
Wait a minute, where...
Oh, my God,
where's Stewie?
Don't panic, Lois, we'll find him.
I'm good at picking people out of a crowd.
Oh, gosh, this is hard.
Um, yeah, could I get a better look at number two?
And, number four could you step forward, too?
Okay, uh, number five, uh, look at number one.
Look at him like you haven't seen him in a while and you're happy.
Okay, not too happy, not too happy.
Pull it back, pull it back.
Okay, and, um, number three could you say,
"Julie, I promise to get back on my feet before the baby arrives."
Julie, I promise to get back on my feet before the baby arrives.
He's good.
Yeah, he's always good, very good.
Yeah, yeah, okay, thank you.
Stewie? Stewie!
Hey, everybody, it's Weenie and the Butt here
live at the Quahog Air Show.
We're all ready for the Weenie sound-alike contest.
I don't know, Butt,
I don't think they can say my catchphrase, because...
"They no funny!"
Oh, there it is!
And if you think you can say that just like Weenie here,
you could win 97.1 dollars for the cool weekend ahead.
We have a butt.
We-we have a butt!
Cool weekends in the morning, 97.1 FM.
Cool weekends in the morning with Weenie and the Butt.
WQHG 97.1.
- Ninety-seven point one! - Ninety-seven point one!
We-we have a Butt!
In the morning, cool weekends!
Weenie, Weenie, Weenie!
And the Butt.
And welcome back.
Uh, excuse I-I got to find a lost kid.
Can I use your mic?
That's what she said.
Whoa, you got Butt-slammed!
Listen, I could really use a hand here.
That's what he said!
Butt slam!
That's Manic Monkey on 97.1.
Manic Monkey, 97.1!
Cool weekends in the morning!
All weekend long.
Weenie and the Butt!
In the morning. In the morning.
On the r-r-radio.
Gimme that.
Stewie Griffin, will you please report to the radio booth.
Stewie Griffin.
Hey, that's quite a voice you've got there.
You ever think about doing radio?
Well, uh, I listen to a lot of radio.
Peter and Lois leave the radio on when they go out
so I feel like somebody's home.
Well, here's my card.
Call me if you're interested.
Hey, okay, we've got our first contestant.
Let's hear Weenie's catchphrase.
They no funny.
I think we have a wee-ner.
And that's Dicky the Punchline Donkey, on 97.1.
Dicky the Punchline Donkey, on Cool 97.1!
Cool weekends.
On the radio!
In the-the... morning!
Cool weekends!
In the morning.
On Ninety-seven...
Point one.
Ninety-seven point one.
And now back to Round Table,
with Al Michaels, Harold Ramis, Ray Romano,
and Kermit the Frog.
There zoning laws are infringing on the rights of citizens...
Uh, if I might interrupt for a minute, I'd like to point out that--
You've had your time. Let someone else speak.
I haven't said a word. It was that guy.
Don't look at me, I can't get a word in edgewise.
Well, then who the hell's been talking this whole time?
Hello, darling.
Oh, my God, what a pleasant surprise.
Mom, what are you doing here?
Peter, I left your father.
Wait, wait, wait, hang on a second.
I never see you, and then you finally come visit me
and you drop a bombshell like this?
This is just like what happened at the Peanuts reunion.
Stupid song!
What are you looking at?
Yeah, it's me.
Your old punching bag, Charlie Brown.
Everybody wish Snoopy was here and Woodstock?
Everybody wish Snoopy and Woodstock was here?
Well, they're dead!
And guess what?
I sold Snoopy the junk.
That's right, he got it from me!
I swear I didn't know how strong it was.
And now he's dead! They're both dead!
I don't give a crap about Woodstock,
but Snoopy...
Get off me, you skank!
I can't believe you left Dad.
I have needs that he didn't satisfy.
And I'm still a young woman, Peter.
82 is the new 74.
I'm putting my fine ass back on the market.
Boy, this is really going to upset my evil brother, Thaddeus.
Nyah... this will surely affect my inheritance... nyah.
Hi, I'm Brian Griffin,
and you're listening to The Lunch Hour,
serving up food for the mind.
Today's entree is politics.
What's on your mind today?
The governor's budget, stem cell research?
Give us a hot spoonful of your opinion.
Ok, we have a question from Quahog.
Caller, you're on The Lunch Hour. Can I take your order?
Yes, uh, I'll have a big helping of the pretentious crap.
Whoa, sometimes the, uh, crazy ones get through.
Okay, we have Rose, from Cranston, on the phone.
Welcome, Rose, can I take your order?
Um, yes, that turkey, that- that raw turkey that you ate
off the counter last week that got Lois mad,
when you pooped that out was the timer still in there?
And we're out of time.
This has been The Lunch Hour.
Join us next week, when our guest will be Gore Vidal.
And remember, life is full of entrees,
so don't fill up on bread.
I'm going to throw you now to Weenie and The Butt
in the afternoon.
Weenie and the Butt!
Ninety-seven point one!
In the afternoon.
In the afternoon.
Oh, my God.
Turn it on and rip the knob off!
You're listening to the radio!
Sir, I'm very sorry.
That-that was this guy I know. He thinks he's hilarious.
He is hilarious!
I was on my way in here to cancel your show,
but the banter you did with that guy,
well, as we say in the radio business,
"If you put that on the radio, people will listen to it!"
Make him part of the show.
Oh, you-you don't want him.
He's not really a professional like me.
Listen, you get that kid in here.
We need more laughs on the show.
Well, I guess he couldn't be any worse than Tim McCarver is at sportscasting.
In my view, as good as the Yankees were in the first half of this game,
that's how as bad they've been now.
Poor Peter, I know he's having
a hard time with this whole divorce thing.
I feel kind of guilty that I'm here looking for a date.
Thelma, stop that.
You have a right to be happy.
And-and there's a lot of great people here
Why don't you mingle?
Oh, my God, Lois, you single now?!
No, Glen, I'm here with Thelma.
- Who's Thelma? - This is Thelma.
I don't know if this is gonna work, Lois.
I'm a little shy at these types of things.
Oh, you can overcome shyness.
Think of the spider in Charlotte's Web who had to overcome Tourette's.
I don't know, Lois.
I haven't met a single interesting person.
Good evening, I'm Tom Tucker
trying to get back on my feet
after having my ass handed to me by my bitch of an ex-wife.
I'm Thelma.
I'll just be going.
Can I get you some punch?
Oh, no, you see, if you're one of ten million Americans like me...
Like me.
Like me.
...with a bladder control problem,
punch just goes right through you.
I didn't hear you come in last night.
Did you have a good time at your prostitutes convention?
Peter, I was just trying to help your mother meet some new friends.
Lois, you're too nosey.
Like that waiter at that restaurant.
And who had the prime rib?
I hardly think that's any of your business.
Come on, Mom, you can't stay in bed all day.
You got to call dad and get back together with...
Holy crap!
We'll have more on these new developments after this.
I can't believe what I saw in there.
You were messing around in what was basically
my first apartment.
Peter, you should be happy for her.
She's just having fun.
I don't see what the problem is.
Tom is a wonderful man.
I don't see the problem, either, but let's go to Ollie Williams
for the inepth analysis. Ollie?
Lady's old!
Thanks, Ollie, over to you, Peter.
Tom Tucker, I forbid you to see my mother.
Peter, you can't talk to Tom that way.
He won a local Emmy for his work with the retardeds.
They certainly wanted to hug me.
Maybe in time, you will, too.
Thanks for watching, I'm Tom Tucker. Good night.
All right, look, let's get one thing straight, Stewie.
The only reason you're here is that my boss ordered me
to bring you on.
All right, this is my show, and it's a serious,
intellectual hour of discussion and I want to keep it that way.
Hey, no problem.
All right, in three, two, one...
This is The Lunch Hour with your host...
Hey, what's up Quahog?!
From the station that reaches the beaches,
you're listening to Dingo and The Baby!
Dingo and the Baby.
97.1 Quahog!
Oh, baby!
What the hell are you doing?
Wha-What the hell does that have to do with anything?
They're just wacky sounds, you know to liven things up.
D-D-Dingo! Dingo and the...
Oh, sexy girlfriend!
Peter, would you stop spying on your mother's date?
I can't stand it anymore, Lois.
I'm going to put a stop to this.
Uh, hello, yes, uh, this is, uh, this is Tom Tucker's personal physician,
Dr. T and the Women.
Um, could you tell Tom his contagious penis cancer medicine is ready.
Is this Peter?
Uh, no, it's, uh, uh, Lois.
Uh, Lois, don't crank call my mother.
I'm gonna have to pinch you for that.
Ow, Peter, don't pinch me!
Ow... stop it!
Knock it off, damn it!
Cut it out. Maybe I'll tickle you, huh, how about that?!
No, don't.
Here you go, tickle, tickle.
Cut it out!
Stop it!
I mean it! I mean it!
Well, I told you to stop!
I tickle you, you hit me in the head with a frying pan?!
I told you to stop!
I taste blood!
Well, there's a lot of it.
Hey there, champ.
Peter, I know this is all a big adjustment for you,
but all I want is for your mom to be happy.
Well, why can't she go back with my dad?
Well, I can't answer that, but I'm gonna do
my best to make her even happier than those kids
on Three Wishes with Amy Grant.
What's your wish, Billy?
Can you cure my cancer?
No, but how about if Spider-Man gives you
a $50 gift card to Sears?!
He-Here, get well.
You know, I heard a rumor about you today?
- You did? - Yep.
I heard you like milk shakes.
Oh boy, do I!
Let's go get ourselves a shake, huh?
I want to get a milk shake, too.
Too bad- go get your own father.
Hey, Carl, can I get a carton of smokes, please?
Sure, Brian.
And uh, what's that little rubber mailman
you got behind there?
Oh, you like that, huh?
Yeah, does that thing squeak?
Yeah, it does.
All right, I'll take that, and I'm gonna hurry home
and show it to Lois.
Hey, I'd recognize that voice anywhere!
You're Dingo, that dog that plays all those fart sounds on the radio!
Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry about that,
the show's gotten a little lowbrow.
What are you talking about?!
It's, like, the most hilarious show ever!
Hey, could I get your autograph?
My... really?
Wow, you're... gosh, you're making me feel
more important than a dwarf among midgets.
Hey, can you reach the Crispix?
Yes, I can.
How awesome is this : going out to dinner with my new family?
Hi, can I help you?
I want, I want that one!
All right, hold on, we'll get you that one.
I want straws!
We'll get you a straw.
You want a Kid's Meal?
Do you mean, "yes"?
Okay, one Kid's Meal.
And what'll you have, honey?
I'll have a fish sandwich and a Sanka.
Oh, he's adorable.
Say hi to the nice lady, Peter.
Oh, he's shy.
I don't believe in fretting and grieving
Why mess around with stride?
I never was cut out to step and strut out
Give me the simple life
Some find it pleasant dining on pheasants
Those things roll off my knife
Just serve me tomatoes and mashed potatoes
Give me the simple life.
We now return to the Sunday afternoon movie:
Masturbator and Commander.
Captain, the enemy ship has opened fire on us.
I'll be right out!
Sir, we've already lost ten men.
Hang on!
Sir, don't you think we should return fire?
Yeah, yeah, go ahead and do that,
and I'll-I'll meet you up there in like five minutes.
Peter, I've never seen you so happy.
Well, Lois, I never realized what it was like
to have a real dad.
I mean, my own dad was such a ballbuster,
I-I guess I just always thought that was normal.
But Papa Tom is so different.
For the first time in my life,
I feel like I have a real family, you know?
I mean I'm-I'm not just going through the motions
like I do around here.
Hey, champ, you want to watch Chicken Little?
And what does a chicken say?
Why not.
Come on, Ma!
Hey, what gives with the suitcase?
Tom, there's no easy way to say this, I'll just come right out with it.
I'm leaving.
leaving, why?
Tommy, this has been great,
but I wasn't looking for anything long-term.
I just needed someone to clear all the bats out of my plumbing.
What do we do now Bill?
We write, Tim.
We write our story.
Good bye, dear.
It's all my fault!
I know it hurts right now, Peter, but we'll get through this.
You're still my little buddy, right?
Then we'll be okay. Good night, buddy.
Good night, Papa Tom.
Good night, son.
- Good night, Lois. - Good night.
Peter, this is a little strange.
No stranger than when Darth Vader was a meter maid.
Oh, come on, man, cut me a break!
I was only in there for like five minutes!
I already started writing the ticket.
You know, I make your annual salary in a week.
Are you happy doing what you're doing?
'Cause you're pathetic.
I got to do it, Karen.
I just... I-I got to take a shot.
That guy, that guy just got to me today.
You do whatever you think is right, and I'll support it.
I don't really understand it.
What do you want this loan for?
I want to build a giant space station that can destroy a planet.
I don't know that that would be a good investment on our end.
I mean, I want to open a sports bar.
Good morning, Quahog!
You're here with Dingo...
And the Baby...
And if you're thinking about changing the station...
Don't... you do it!
Today, we got Homeless Hank from the Dumpster out back with us.
Hey, I got an idea :
How about the first three women willing to come down
and have sex with Hank get free boob jobs
courtesy of Dr. John Viener?
Are you reading my mind, man?
Let's go to the phones.
Go ahead caller, you're on with Dingo and The Baby.
Is this Dingo?
Yes, honey, what's your name?
Sindy, with an "S."
Ooh, hot.
Oh, yeah, that's hot, that is hot.
Tell me something, Sindy, how'd you like
to come down here and get naked for us?
I think we got a show.
Oh yeah, we got a show!
- We definitely got a show! - Oh, yeah, there's a show!
After all, AIDS is a deadly, incurable disease.
But no matter how you come to judge, Charles Wheeler
and his partners' unethical, moral, and inhuman terms,
the fact of the matter is, when they fired Andrew Beckett
because he had AIDS,
they broke the law.
My God, what is wrong with you?
I swear to God, that was supposed to be "Food Fight!"
I want some ice cream.
No, Peter, you finish your food.
You, hey, you-you get back here, right now, mister!
Don't, don't you... get down from that chair,
or you're in big trouble.
You put that ice cream back right now.
I mean it.
I am not kidding around.
I am not going to say it again.
Uh... if you put that ice cream in your mouth you're gonna be
in big trouble, young man!
Uh you... uh, uh.
I hate you, I hate you!
I want my mommy!
Well I'm the best you've got!
All right, so you know the drill.
We're going to turn on the hot dog cannon,
and for every hot dog that you catch in your mouth,
you get a $100 toward a boob job that you desperately need.
I know.
Okay, here we go.
Oh, a miss!
Aw, you got her in the eye with that one.
Whoa, that one was a teat-seeking missile!
I'm looking for Brian Griffin.
Gore Vidal!
I was supposed to do The Lunch Hour?
Uh... this is The Lunch Hour.
That one felt like my dad.
Incest in the morning.
Suppressed memories.
Ninety-seven point one!
I think I may have made a mistake.
No, no, no, no, this is it.
You're-you're in the right place.
Uh, listen, uh, why-why don't you stick around and talk for a while.
My listeners would love to hear about your new book.
Hundred dollars, boob job!
I'm, uh, going to go.
Oh, my God, what have I done?
Hey, it's all about ratings, baby, and we got 'em.
No, it wasn't worth it.
I'm sorry, Stewie, I can't do this anymore.
I'm more of a sell-out than you were when you did
those Butterfinger commercials.
Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger.
What's your problem?
Ah, Papa Tom's being a jerk.
At least he talks to you.
He's my dad and he hasn't paid attention to me in weeks.
Well, all-in-all, you should be thankful.
I think the Kennedys had a kid like you,
and they had it put to sleep.
Hey, Peter, I'm sorry about that business with the ice cream.
I guess I'm just still a little torn up about your mom.
But, hey, I'll make it up to you. Let's play catch.
Wait a minute, you know what?
I think you should play catch with Jake.
Yeah, I had a taste of what it was like to have a real father.
I can't make him share his.
Well, all right, Peter, come on, Jake.
Huh, I guess I've learned a little something
about what it means to be a good dad.
Hey, Dad, do you want to play baseball?
Oh, my God, could you leave me alone!
You are the neediest kid!
I can't believe you gave up our show.
Yeah, sorry.
I wonder who they got to replace us.
It's Magic Hour with Dark Chocolate...
And The Rod.
In Rod we trust.
Ninety-seven point one!
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