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Go on a hunting trip with Peter and Chris as you shoot your way through 7 levels of this Duck Hunt style shooter.

Created by some guys at Fox, who kindly donated it to Planet Family Guy, this Flash game let's you take the role of Stewie equipped with a ray-gun so that you can eliminate your family. Have fun!


An updated version of Planet Family Guy's classic Whack-A-Lois. Knock-out the Loises with your mallet and aim for a high score.

Lois and Peter are trying for another baby, this is your one and only chance to prevent this travesty from occuring. Destroy all the sperm in this shoot-em-up game.

Which Family Guy Character Are You?

Mike’s Family Guy Game

Screenshot and More Info about the Family Guy video game: This screenshot is from Kotaku; they’ve also got more information about the forthcoming Family Guy game:

Official Family Guy Video Game Site

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Official Family Guy Game site

Family Guy Memory Game

Family Guy Giant Chicken Game

Family Guy game will have original voices: As part of its commitment to make “freakin’ sweet” games based on the resurgent animated series Family Guy, 2K Games today announced the voice cast of the cel-shaded adventure game

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Family Guy Fighting Game

American Dad vs. Family Guy

Victory is Ours Family Guy game

American Dad Vs. Family Guy

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Draw Stewie

Angry Minority Fare Game

Family Guy Video Game: “The first video game based on the hugely popular Family Guy TV show, the Family Guy game will feature the same outrageous humor all the fans know and love

Family Guy DVD game coming this fall: “Each DVD Blast! game is completely self-contained on a DVD and is based on a singular theme…

Family Guy drinking game: Here’s a fun Family Guy drinking game for you

Family Guy Shooting Game

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