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Brian Griffin

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Brian Griffin Biography: Brian Griffin (7-year-old) maybe described as the dog of the Griffins Family, but he is something much more than this. While he exhibits some "typical" dog treatments like licking himself, leaving dead birds on the porch, eating garbage, intensely fearing the vacuum cleaner, and sleeping at the foot of master Peter Griffin's bed, he can speak intelligently, walk bipedally, and has a sharp wit. Brian is Peter Griffin's best friend and most trusted confidante, although Brian sometimes is clearly much more intelligent than Peter is. He holds a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is one (human) year away from acquiring his black belt. Before Brian became a part of the Griffin household, he was living out in the streets and cleaning windshields for a living. He briefly worked as a "drug-sniffing" dog for the police department. He also worked as a waiter, as a porn movies director, as Chris' English Teacher, as a telemarketer. Additionally, he worked at a Hammer dealership and as a taxi driver. There are some times that Brian pursues relationships with human beings. For example, in the episode "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows", Brian falls deeply in love with an elderly human woman named Pearl Burton; before she passes away, Brian shares a virtual reality vision of their possible future together that involves marriage and children. In a different episode ("Peter's Got Woods"), Brian has another brief romance, with Shauna Parks, one of Meg's teachers at James Woods High. Shauna finds Brian cute. When Peter was lost, with his boat, Brian had a relationship with Lois (Peter's wife) and she married her. When Peter unexpectedly came back Lois and Brian divorced and she married Peter again. She was only one day away from deciding to have sex with Brian. There is also a connection between Brian Griffin and Stewie Griffin (the infant son). They are the members of the family that weren't supposed to speak. Brian and Stewie also appear to share a certain level of intelligence and sophistication, but also share certain humorous reality-based shortcomings. Finally, Stewie is the only Griffin that constantly understands Brian. Voice Actor: Seth MacFarlane Brian Griffin Personality: Brian is the most sophisticated and often sarcastic member of the Griffins. He loves opera and jazz, and has an uncanny ability to sing the four parts of a barbershop quartet all at the same time. In addition, he speaks four languages (English, French, Tagalog and a little Spanish). He seems to have liberal political leanings, which mirror MacFarlane's. Brian is also a heavy smoker and you will barely ever see him without a martini (dry). His affinity towards the alcoholic drink may be attributed to either his desire to numb the hurt caused by people's perception of him or his want to forget about his past on the streets. Brian is essentially an underchallenged intellectual: possessing knowledge in many sciences, as well as being cultured. He often uses alcohol as an escape from his problems. Brian Griffin Quotes: Stewie: "Look where my hand is! I say, look where my hand is, It's in a very dirty place, Doesn't that disgust you?"; Brian: "Kid, Exception you're talking a guy who uses his tongue for toilet paper." Brian (caught panting at a female stranger): "Don't flatter yourself honey. I don't have sweat glands. Also... this is how I cool off." Lois: Brian, you're home early. What happened with your date? Brian: The same thing that always happens, she was an idiot. Chris: I don't have to listen to you. You're a dog. You don't have a soul! Brian: Ow. Brian: "Hey, barkeep, whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?" Peter: Have they ever shown him doing somebody in and then feeding on him? Brian: You're asking if they've ever done a Sesame Street in which the Count kills somebody and then sucks their blood for sustenance. Peter: Yeah. Brian: No, they've never done that.


Chris Griffin

Voiced by Seth Green

Chris Griffin Biography: Chris Griffin is the 13-year-old son of the Griffins Family. Chris goes to James Woods High School as his sister, Meg Griffin, does. He has been a boy scout, fallen in love with a girl in the south, and been called fat more times than can be counted. Chris has no friends, except for a tree, but Peter, killed it when Chris insisted on bringing it along on their trip. The lack of friends is made up with his close relationship to his family. Chris Griffin loves his family and especially his sister, though he falls prey to her tormenting. He had an originally punk profile. He wore earrings, and his painful awkwardness was not as emphasized as it was later in the series. Chris is overweight, much like his father, Peter Griffin. Peter took him to a cosmetic surgery doctor, but Chris eventually rejected the idea of liposuction. Chris is extremely "well-endowed", which makes Peter envious. Chris has to face the danger of an evil monkey who lives in his closet. That monkey constantly threatens to kill him. When Chris decides to explain to his family about the monkey, they dismiss him. This monkey was not always evil; it only became evil after he came home from work one day and he found his wife cheating on him. This is obviously a side story into the mind of Chris. Voice actor: Seth Green Chris Griffin Personality: Chris is always in a good mood. He is a kind hearted teenager who is incapable of harming a fly. He lacks intelligence and common sense but is surprisingly shown to have enormous hidden gifts, particularly as an artist (painter), and occasionally makes a single very insightful comment from out of nowhere. Chris idolizes Peter and works hard not to disappoint him. It's a good thing for Chris that his father's expectations are so low. Chris can be knowledgeable in sone situations, and although physically he's matured early, he still has a long way to go intellectually. Chris Griffin Quotes: Chris: Dad, what's the blow-hole for? Peter: I'll tell you what it's not for, son. And when I do, you'll understand why I can never go back to Sea World. Chris: When I stick this army guy with the sharp bayonette up my nose, it tickles my brain. Hah hah hah ... ow. Oh, now I don't know math. Chris: I don't care what she says, I'm never going back! Brian: Look you can't run away from your problems Chris. That's what I tried to do. I joined the Peace Corps and a day later I was two continents away. Chris: Really? Brian: Yep, but 6,000 miles and all the dope I could smoke still couldn't separate me from my problems. And this was good dope. I mean it was growing everywhere. Oh my God! This one time we got so baked we ended up eating all the food at the food the World Health Organization had airlifted in. Oh man those villagers were so pissed! They tried to chase us, but lemme just say thank God for polio. Chris: Dad, I tried to go to school but this guy won't let me. Peter: Oh yeah? Him and what army? Chris: The U.S. Army. Peter: Oh, that's a good army. Chris: Hey little dude, how about some ice cream? Stewie: Yes I could go for a frozen treat right about now. But no sprinkles. And for every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you. Chris: I never knew anyone who went crazy before, except for my invisible friend, Col. Schwartz.


Lois Griffin

Voiced by Alex Borstein

Lois Griffin Biography: Lois Griffin was born into the wealthy Pewterschmidt family in Newport, RI. Lois let go of her inheritance in order to marry Peter Griffin, whom she met while he was working as a towel boy at her family's country club. Before Peter, she had many relationships with other guys. She fell in love with Peter because she found his lower-class, easy-going silliness more attractive than the men of her social circle. Lois is now 40 years old and has a fine body for a woman her age. Lois teaches piano in order to supplement the family's income, but she spends most of her time caring for her family. She knows karate and was also a flight attendant for a short time. Lois is a modern-day housewife who finds time to cook, clean, run errands and avoid daily attempts on her life by her baby son, Stewie. Still, her deep love for Stewie often leads her to mistake Stewie's bad mood for just a mere case of crankiness. Voice actor: Alex Borstein Lois Griffin Personality: There is a curious duality to Lois' personality. She can be vacuous at times and seems to come across as what many modern Americans would (perhaps erroneously) term a "typical mother". However, this is in strong contrast to Lois' other role in the series as a firebrand and a strong woman who is exceedingly capable. In "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas", she has a nervous breakdown when just everything goes wrong, throws a destructive tantrum, and was subdued with a tranquilizer. Lois' love for her children is deep. She engages in the lengthiest conversations with her daughter, Meg, giving advice and so forth. It has been implied, however, that she does not care as much about Meg as she seems to. Lois has some unexpected talents. She can calculate the street value of confiscated drugs with ease ("The Thin White Line"), and is a skilled lounge singer. Lois Griffin Quotes: Lois: Have you been drinking? Peter: Why, yes, I have. Thank you. Peter: Lois, less talkie more fetchie. Lois: I'm just gonna assume that's Chinese for 'I love you.' Lois: My days in college were so exciting. This one time, the national guard came and shot some of my friends. Lois: I've seen that crappy Julia Roberts movie forty-seven times. Have you seen the lips on that woman? Like a baboon's ass on her face. Peter: Lois, less talkie more fetchie. Lois: I'm just gonna assume that's Chinese for 'I love you.' Lois: For me? Please? Peter: All right, all right, but you owe me. Later, under the mistletoe, open mouth, no matter how drunk I am. Lois: Peter, wake up! Our son is covered in fleas! Peter: That's nothing! When I was a kid, I was covered in ticks! Lois: This isn't a competition! Peter: It was back then. (Glances over at trophy, "Most Ticks 1965.")



Meg Griffin

Voiced by Mila Kunis (and Lacey Chabert)

Meg Griffin Biography: Meg Griffin is the 17-year old daughter of Peter and Lois Griffin. She was born with a tail. According to Brian the dog, Meg's real father is a man named Stan Thompson. Her main problem revolves around fitting in with others her age at her school (James Woods Regional High School), and she tries desperately to be part of the cool crowd. Meg lost her virginity to Jimmy Fallon during an episode of Saturday Night Live. Once (in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story), she had a sex change and adopted the male name "Ron." It has also been implied that in the past, Meg killed her supposed biological family, and then hushed it up. Her younger brother, Chris Griffin, still has vague memories of this happening, but Peter and Lois have asserted to him that it was just a really bad dream. Every member of the family has a superpower. Meg has the ability to rapidly grow her fingernails. Other than this, Meg's only talent is that she can do great bird whistles. Voice actor: Mila Kunis Meg Griffin Personality: Meg can sometimes be sweet, but her appearance is definitely not her hot point. Her boyish characteristics have led many to either mistake her for or joke that she is a boy. Crying is one of Meg's most common activities and she is often embarrassed by her family, especially by her father, Peter. What Meg truly wants is popularity, but unfortunately, she is monumentally unpopular at her school, which provides an ongoing basis for angst and melodrama. She is also hopelessly enamored with Kyle, the Grifin's attractive teenage neighbor. In "Love Thy Trophy", Meg was almost denied a job at the local pancake house when one of the co-owners mistook her for a teen mother (she was with Stewie at the time). On the brighter side, Meg has displayed some degree of cunning. Meg Griffin Quotes: Meg: I just want to kill myself I'm gonna go upstairs and eat a whole bowl of peanuts. (Lois and Peter stare in silence) Meg: I'm allergic to peanuts. (Peter and Lois keep staring) Meg: You dont know anything about me. (runs upstairs) Peter: Who was that guy? Meg: I finally get my driver's license and the car gets taken away, how ironic. Peter: Meg, don't talk to your mother that way, she is not an iron. Meg (about Peter being retarded): I can never go to school again! Stewie: Oh, yes, Meg, yes-yes yes, everything was going swimmingly for you until this. Yes, yes, THIS is the thing that will ruin your reputation, not your years of grotesque appearance, or your awkward social graces, or that way you clear your sinuses, no no no, it's THIS. Do you hear yourself talk? I might kill you tonight. Meg: Dad, if I don't get my driver's license, I'll never have any boyfriends, I'll never get married and I'll have to adopt a kid like Rosie O'Donnell. Peter: Meg ... are you implying that Rosie O'Donnell cant drive? Meg: Mom guess what! I made the Flag Girl squad Stewie: Flag Girl? Ummmm, yes good for you... Now you can be somewhere else when the boys don't call!


Peter Griffin

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Peter Griffin Biography: Peter Griffin was born in Quahog, Rhode Island, around 1960, to Francis and Rose Griffin. He was baptized in the Roman Catholic faith as a baby. He enjoys watching TV. Peter's favorite television shows are Star Trek, Three's Company, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch , The Honeymooners, Coach, Joan of Arcadia and Lost. He also likes music and is a huge fan of KISS. Peter is a product safety inspector at company 'Happy-Go-Lucky Toys'. His boss is Mr. Weed. Fortunately Peter's boss regards him as "eye candy" and overlooks his lack of efficiency and productivity. He had a fishing boat which he christened the S.S. More Powerful Than Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, And The Incredible Hulk Put Together. This led to his career as a fisherman. However, after the boat sank during a trip to Pelican's Reef, Peter and his drinking buddies were stuck on an island for a number of months. After their rescue, Peter returned home to find that his wife, Lois, had married his best friend, Brian the dog. Showing up naked at the Spooner Street house one day, he was able to win back the affections of Lois, who reached a mutual agreement to divorce Brian and remarry Peter. Voice Actor: Seth MacFarlane Peter Griffin Personality: Peter Griffin is a large, loud and lovable oaf who isn't afraid to express his numerous opinions. He is the head of Griffin Family and would do anything for them as long as that anything won't prevent him from enjoying his TV time. He is very enthusiastic, but has a serious disadvantage: the complete lack of common sense and good judgement. Peter didn't know how to fart till he was 30. Since then, he farts very often. He's fat, loves Pawtucket Beer, and is always there for some good physical comedy. Peter is often transformed by traumatic experience, and then is restored to "normal" by a simple, almost trivial experience. For example, after the shock therapy administered by Brian, Peter assumed the persona of a wealthy, snobbish socialite and bid too much money at an auction. To snap Peter back to reality and his "normal" self, Brian broke one of Peter's Star Wars collectibles. Peter Griffin Quotes: Peter: Ok, here's another riddle. A woman has two children. A homicidal murderer tells her she can only keep one. Which one does she let him kill? Brian: That's not a riddle. That's ... that's just terrible. Peter: Wrong, the ugly one! Peter: Don't worry Chris. Sometimes it's good not to fit in. (Flashback to Veitnam) Peter (dressed in a clown suit): You guys are stupid. Their gonna be looking for army people. Chris: Dad, what's the blow-hole for? Peter: I'll tell you what it's not for, son. And when I do, you'll understand why I can never go back to Sea World. Peter: I'd like to propose a toast to our neighbors. Sure they might be black, handicapped, and a heartless sex hound, but hey, if they moved out some smelly Hawaiians might move in. Peter: Just don't forget our deal, Lois. I sit through this and later tonight I get anal. You hear me? No matter how neat I want the house you have to clean it. Peter (when he's hungover): This sucks worse than that time I went to that museum. (Flashback to childhood, standing in museum looking at dinosaur skeltons.) Peter (as a child): Why did all the dinosaurs die out? Man at Museum: Because you touch yourself at night. Peter: You know those Germans; if you don't join the party, they come get you. Peter: [writing letter] Dear MacGuyver, Enclosed is a rubber band, a paper clip, and a drinking straw. Please save my dog. Peter (after Lois tells him he's childish): "If I'm a child that means you're a pedophile, and I'll be damned if i'm going stand here and take this from a pervert."



Stewie Griffin

Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Stewie Griffin Biography: Stewie Griffin is a 1-year-old baby who is driven by his goal to become the sole ruler of the entire world. In fact, if it were not for his lack of muscle strength, toilet training and his need for parentally sustenance, Stewie would have become leader over most of the third world, including Canada. Stewie has the voice and manner of an evil Rex Harrison, but he's only recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his escape from his mother's "cursed ovarian Bastille," in which he was incarcerated for nine gruelling months. Another goal for Stewie is to murder his mother, Lois. Just because Lois has narrowly escaped several attempts on her life thus far, it doesn't mean that she is off the hook. An unusual aspect of Stewie's physique is his American football-shaped head. Voice actor: Seth MacFarlane Stewie Griffin Personality: Stewie Griffin has a sophisticated style of both attitude and mannerism, but they sometimes interfere with childish interests. He enjoys literature and is also a brilliant genius level intellect who can design sophisticated technology. Stewie's actions and desires to conquer the world is his reaction to being a helpless baby who is totally dependent on adults (and his mom in particular) for everything. Moreover, his longing to conquer the world is based upon his desire for control over his own life. Stewie's personality, which is often rather theatrical and effiminate, and the fact his voice could be interperated as a Quivering Lisp, easily lent itself to such speculation. Stewie likely has antisocial personality disorder among other disorders, including megalomania and acute paranoia. Stewie Griffin Quotes Stewie: Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but you're a total bitch. Stewie: There's always been a lot of tension between Lois and me, and it's not so much that I want to kill her, it's just, I want her not to be alive anymore. Meg (about Peter being retarded): I can never go to school again! Stewie: Oh, yes, Meg, yes-yes yes, everything was going swimmingly for you until this. Yes, yes, THIS is the thing that will ruin your reputation, not your years of grotesque appearance, or your awkward social graces, or that Felix Ungerish way you clear your sinuses, no no no, it's THIS. Do you hear yourself talk? I might kill you tonight. Stewie: Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I'm expected to turn and turn until OOP! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside. Lois: Oh, I haven't been on a college campus in years. Everything seems so different. Stewie: Really? Perhaps if you laid on your back with your ankles behind your ears that would ring a few bells. Stewie: It seems with death incapacitated my matricidal efforts are futile.




Peter's family


Francis Griffin


Peter's captious Irish Catholic adoptive father. He disapproved of nearly all aspects of his family's lifestyle, dismissing it as lazy and immoral, especially the fact that his son married a Protestant. He put work above everything else. He worked at the Pawtucket mill for sixty years and was briefly the shop foreman at Peter's toy factory. He was hospitalized after being crushed by Peter when he accidentally fell off the stairs onto him while drunk, and died shortly after. Voiced by Charles Durning


Thelma Griffin

Ex-wife to Francis and mother to Peter's. She is 83 years old, and has gray hair with noticeable wrinkles below her eyes. She has purple earrings and a purple bead necklace. She also wears glasses like her son and husband and is a heavy smoker. Before Francis's death, she divorced him because "she had needs he didn't fill". Voiced By Phyllis Diller


Mickey McFinnigan

Peter's biological Irish father, who had an affair with Thelma Griffin on her vacation to Ireland before Peter was born, as recounted in "Peter's Two Dads". He is the local town drunk, which is quite an honor. He did not believe Peter was his son until Peter challenged him to a drinking contest and won, winning his love and respect.


Nate Griffin

(long deceased) Peter's black ancestor. Originally mentioned in "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?". Owned as a slave by Silas Pewterschmidt, he fell in love and secretly had sex with Lois "Laura Bush Lynne Cheney" Pewterschmidt to create an inter-racial family. He and his family fled to Quahog after being discovered by Silas.



half-brother and nemesis of Stewie, unknown to other Griffin family members aside from Brian. Bertram appears as a sperm in "Emission Impossible", and as a child in "Sibling Rivalry", with the same physical appearance in both episodes. Voiced by Wallace Shawn.



Lois's family


Carter Pewterschmidt

Billionaire industrialist, and owner of U.S. Steel and CNN, the latter of which he won from Ted Turner in a poker game. It was because of Peter, a poker ace at the time, that Carter knew that his opponent was bluffing. Husband to Barbara, father to Lois, Carol, and Patrick. He harbors a deep hatred for Peter.


Barbara Pewterschmidt

Wife to Carter, mother to Lois, Carol, and Patrick.


Carol Pewterschmidt

Sister to Lois Griffin and Patrick Pewterschmidt, daughter of Carter and Barbara; she has had nine husbands so far, all of whom left her. She had a baby in the episode "Emission Impossible".


Patrick Pewterschmidt

Lois's brother, who was locked away in a mental institution by their parents Carter and Barbara after he walked in on his mother having sex with Jackie Gleason (due to the fact that he gets murderous impulses whenever he is reminded of the celebrity). Voiced by Robert Downey Jr.


Marguerite Pewterschmidt (deceased)

Great-aunt to Lois Griffin and aunt to Carter. She owned the palatial Cherrywood Manor in Newport (now known to be "America's first presidential whorehouse"), which Lois inherited after her death while paying the Griffins a visit, dropping dead at their doorstep. She shared Carter's revilement of Peter. Voiced by Alex Borstein.


Silas Pewterschmidt (long deceased)

Ancestor of the Pewterschmidt family. One of the first to colonize America. Bartered with Native Americans by holding a knife to a baby's throat, presumably sparing its life in exchange for maize. Owned Peter's ancestor Nate Griffin. Bears an obvious resemblance to his descendant Carter.


Lois Laura Bush Lynne Cheney Pewterschmidt (long deceased)

Silas Pewterschmidt's daughter. Fell in love and started an inter-racial family in secret with Nate Griffin, Peter's black slave ancestor. Fled with her family to Quahog after being discovered by her father. Bears an obvious resemblance to her descendant Lois.



Brian's family

Biscuit (deceased)

Brian's mother. When she died, her caretakers had her stuffed and turned into an end table. After Brian discovers this, with Stewie, he steals his mother and buries her in a local park.



Brian's gay, flamboyant cousin, known for constantly telling dirty jokes. Self-described "rice queen", married to Ricardo, a "skinny, hairless Filipino boy". Brian roomed with Jasper when he moved to Hollywood to be a writer, and then started to direct porn films. He lives in Los Angeles and teaches a dance class at Club Med. He's the only other living anthropomorphic dog that has been seen on the show besides Brian and Todd (not including a brief appearance of several dogs playing poker with Mayor West, one of which talks.)



Jasper's Life Partner; married in "You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives". He apparently does not speak English and, in a deleted scene for this episode, doesn't even seem to realize that he's getting married to Jasper, being that they're both men.


Dylan Flannigan

Brian's son, introduced in "The Former Life of Brian". Dylan was born to Brian by an ex-girlfriend. After her relationship with Brian ended and Dylan was born, his mother became poor and overweight and never bothered to raise Dylan who, in turn, became an unruly person. Though he was originally hostile to Brian, after going to live with him and finding common ground with him, turned his life around and went to live with his mother again so that he may do for her what Brian did for him.




Todd (deceased)

The dog that the Griffin family had before he died and they got Brian. Like Brian, he was anthropomorphic. He lived to the age of fifteen.



Fluffy is an aggressive cat the Griffins bought to replace Brian after he moved out of the Griffin household in "Brian: Portrait of a Dog", though they got rid of him after being unable to cope with his gruff nature, and because he threw cherry bombs at the family.



The Pewterschmidt family dog, a prize-winning greyhound. Had an affair with Brian in "Screwed the Pooch", but was already impregnated by Ted Turner.



A talking sheep who belongs to Mickey McFinnigan. He strongly resembles Brian in the same way Mickey resembles Peter.[9]



Other families



Cleveland Brown

One of Peter Griffin's neighbors and best friends as well as one of the few recurring African American characters on the show.


Loretta Brown

Ex-wife of Cleveland and mother of Cleveland, Jr. She has been known to treat Cleveland harshly due to his boring nature, which was one of the main reasons she left him and also because she was cheating on him with Glenn Quagmire.


Cleveland Brown, Jr.

Son of Cleveland and Loretta with a hyperactive personality.




Nudist family that first appeared in "From Method to Madness". Dave and Dottie appeared briefly in "Road to Europe" and at the end of the DVD version of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

Dave Campbell

Nudist. Dave was saved from drowning by Peter and his fishing crew. He is the husband of Dottie, and is father of Jeff. Member of the KISS Army. Voiced by Fred Willard.


Dottie Campbell

Nudist. Wife of Dave, and mother of Jeff.


Jeff Campbell

16-year-old son of Dave and Dottie. Jeff is also a nudist, and once dated Meg Griffin; their relationship was never established afterward.




Mort Goldman

A Jewish pharmacist, and one of Peter's friends. Suffers from many embarrassing health problems.

Muriel Goldman

Mort's wife.

Neil Goldman

Mort and Muriel's geeky son who formerly had a major crush on Meg.




Glenn Quagmire

Glenn Quagmire is a character on the animated series Family Guy, best known for his satyriasis. A commercial airline pilot, Quagmire is a neighbor of the Griffins. He is a sex-crazed pervert. He is voiced by the show's creator and lead writer, Seth MacFarlane.

MacFarlane describes Quagmire as "An appalling human being who is still caught in the rat-pack era" based on anachronistic 1950s party animal clichés. His neighbor and friend Peter Griffin describes him as a "heartless sex hound."


Joan Quagmire (deceased)

On the last day of her week-long stint as Peter's maid, she became Quagmire's love interest. After she married him, she became suicidal and said she would kill Quagmire, and herself, if he left her. She died after touching Death to save Quagmire because he faked his own death after getting uninterested in Joan. She was voiced by Nicole Sullivan.




Joe Swanson

The Griffins' paraplegic neighbor (he was injured in his job as a police officer) and one of Peter's best friends. He is a super-macho paraplegic police officer in the Quahog Police Department who is at many times subject to intense anger problems. He is married to perpetually pregnant wife, Bonnie, and has one son, Kevin.


Bonnie Swanson

Joe's timid wife, who has been pregnant since her first appearance. Voiced by Jennifer Tilly.


Kevin Swanson

Joe and Bonnie's teenage son on whom Meg has at one point had a crush and dated. Voiced by Jon Cryer once, then voiced by Seth MacFarlane since. Has his father's anger issues.




Tom Tucker

One of the local newscasters, he works at Channel 5. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane. In the pilot episode his name is Mike.

Stacy Tucker

Tom's second wife, Jake's stepmother. It has been implied that the two have separated.[15]

Jake Tucker

Tom Tucker's deformed son and Chris' former classmate. He has an upside-down face. In the episode "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One", Jake's face is turned right-side up due to polluted lake water.



Peter's work colleagues


Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory

Jonathan Weed (deceased)

Peter's boss at the toy factory, who spoke with a Spanish accent and was described as an "effeminate weirdo" by his employees. He was often implied to be gay. He disapproved of nearly all of Peter's actions, mainly because most of them were detrimental to the company, and has fired or come close to firing Peter on multiple occasions. He was invited to the Griffins' house for dinner, where he died choking on a dinner roll shortly after promoting Peter to head of toy development. In his will, he had the factory demolished to pave the way for the development of a hospital for the terminally ill. He was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.




Pasqual and Santos

Portuguese immigrants who work as fishermen with Peter. One was a cardiologist in Portugal. They do not speak a word of English, even when talking to those who do. They also saved Joe Swanson's life in the episode "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire". Curiously, they speak with clearly Brazilian accents and their Portuguese is awkward and non-native like at times. Eventually, Peter couldn't afford them, so he reluctantly decides to shoot them. They escaped, however, and were not seen again until "Padre de Familia" where they were employed at the Drunken Clam. Ironically, Peter doesn't appear to recognize them. They are in reference to the large Portuguese-American community located in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, which would include Quahog. In "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter" episode they apply for a job as Stewie's babysitters and are quickly discarded by Stewie.[17]



Pawtucket Brewery


Peter's supervisor, in charge of the shipping department. Repeatedly awards Opie as employee of the month and promotes him. Whether this is because she thinks Opie is more competent than Peter or because she hates Peter (or both) is unknown. Voiced by Carrie Fisher.


Peter's former co-worker, who has won "Employee of the Month" more than once and has since been promoted ahead of Peter. Opie is severely mentally retarded. Opie has a bad haircut, speaks unintelligibly, wears different pairs of shoes at once, enjoys biting people's fingers and has at least once shoved a pencil into his brain by inserting it in his ear and repeatedly pounding his head on his desk.


An employee of the brewery who is apparently supposed to be of Arab ethnicity who speaks in a stereotypically loud and obnoxious manner. Fouad is extremely earnest in his attempts to understand subtleties in American English; such as the nature of a sarcastic or ironic comment. In all of his appearances so far he loudly laughs at a joke before explaining why it is funny with the format, "Ohohoho! Is funny because..." Voiced by Mike Henry.





James Woods Regional High School

Connie D'Amico

Most popular girl in school. Often appears conceited. Does not like Meg and often plays pranks on Meg with her friends. Four members of the Griffin family have stood up to Connie, with three in Meg's defense: first was by Lois in "And the Wiener Is...", who sent Quagmire to "scar her for life" after Meg was humiliated at a football game (she initially had a much more elaborate plan of revenge, but Meg wouldn't go through with it); second by Brian in "Barely Legal", who put her off by foreshadowing her unpleasant, inevitable future after she teased Meg at a school dance; third by Peter in "Peter's Daughter", who beat her up and gravely injured her after slamming her face eighteen times into the glass casing of a fire extinguisher after she mocked Meg yet again in the hall; and fourth by Stewie in "McStroke", who framed her for pedophilia and had her arrested as revenge for her teasing of how small his penis is (Stewie posed as a high school student at the time). Voiced by Lisa Wilhoit (and at least once by Fairuza Balk).


Rob Berler

Meg's teacher. He thinks that Meg shouldn't hang out with the "popular clique", and when he catches her with them, he tells her to play alone somewhere. He also says that having Meg as a lab partner is irresponsible ("Meg is awful"). He has also accidentally taped over an episode of NOVA with a sex tape he made with his wife, portraying him as a transvestite. He also seems to believe in vampires.


Principal Shepherd

School Principal. Has been seen wearing a shirt with the word "Principal" on it. It's revealed in "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" that he is Jewish. Voiced by Gary Cole.


Craig Hoffman

A rebel who Meg tries to go out with at first. He claims to live by his own rules and nobody else's--not even his own. Named after Family Guy writer Craig Hoffman.



Lesbian classmate of Meg and member (or president) of Gay/Lesbian Alliance Club. Briefly attracted to Meg.


Shauna Parks

An African-American 11th-grade history teacher. Dated Brian in "Peter's Got Woods" and prompted him to have the school's name changed to Martin Luther King, Jr.. She left him when she discovered that he was still hanging out with Peter, who foiled their name-changing efforts. Voiced by Gabrielle Union.



Meg's back-up guy when she needs a date. He usually makes up an excuse by doing something ridiculous (like shooting himself in the chest with a nail gun or murdering his brother).



School of Performing Arts

Olivia Fuller (possibly deceased)

Child actor who was briefly part of a successful musical duet with Stewie in "From Method to Madness". She returned in "Chick Cancer" and married Stewie, then cheated on him; Stewie set their house on fire, leaving her (and her new playmate, Victor) for dead. She hasn't been seen or heard from since. Voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.



Channel 5 (WQHG)


Diane Simmons

News Anchor and talk show hostess. In the episode "The King is Dead", it is revealed that her birth name was Diane Seidelman. She and fellow anchor Tom Tucker often trade insults live on the air. Voiced by Lori Alan.


Tricia Takanawa

(Alex Borstein) is the main correspondent for Quahog Channel 5 News.[22] Unlike her fellow news people, Tricia displays a strong, stoic attitude. Whenever Tucker or Simmons would switch the scene to Takanawa, either of the two would always say "Asian Correspondent Tricia Takanawa", or "Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa".[22] She is known for her flat, nasal voice and dead-pan attitude, even when laughing[23] and during sex.[24] On one occasion, however, she completely loses control while meeting David Bowie.[25] Diane confirms her as being Japanese.[25] Tricia is often made to do dirty jobs, such has covering a flu segment (prompting her to throw up),[26] and to be abused in a hurricane report.[27] In an uncanonical episode, she is grilled and eaten by Tom and Diane.[22] Her explosion when she met David Bowie was publicised after she started to hump his left leg like a dog.[25] In "North by North Quahog", she is not allowed into a hotel because of her ethnicity.[28]




Supernatural characters


Performs miracles around Quahog. His portrayal in Family Guy seems to be intentionally comically sacrilegious. He has appeared in biblical times and in modern Quahog. His powers back in the past were exaggerated; all he really did was dance, sing, and perform phony magic finger tricks, all at the same time. In modern times, however, Jesus is able to do more extraordinary things, such as turn water into funk (with a disco ball, 70s-style outfits and disco music suddenly appearing when he snaps his fingers). Also in "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", it is apparent he and Joseph did not get along and he wanted to live with his father, though God would apparently make excuses and procrastinate, though in modern times they are seen briefly together in "Blind Ambition". In "Petergeist" Stewie claims that Jesus is Chinese, that his full name is really "Jesus Hong", and that he has no idea where people are getting "Christ", though this is most likely a one time gag. He was also apparently much shorter in biblical times than what people are led to believe, which is possibly another one time gag since every other time he appears in normal height. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.



His portrayal seems to be intentionally sacrilegious. He has been seen in Quahog and in Heaven. Often regrets certain actions that have been recorded in The Bible. Is portrayed as quite the ladies man, though he once kills a lady by accident. He has also been depicted drunk. Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.



Harvests the souls of the dead. Portrayed as a "loser" who still lives with his mother, has asthma and has never had a successful date. Voiced by Norm Macdonald in "Death is a Bitch", then Adam Carolla in all subsequent episodes. He is seen as a skeleton in a black robe and seldom removes his hood; underneath his hood is a human skull with spiders and snakes serpenting in and out of the eye sockets, mouth and ear cavities, as seen in "Death Lives". Once used his eye socket as a bottle-opener. He apparently hates the fact that he is technically dead and the fact that he has no buttocks ("I am minus an ass"). He doesn't seem to be very good at his job, as he is easily fooled by faked deaths. Peter and the Griffins have a somewhat good relationship with him. When Death sprained his ankle and was unable to do his job, Peter unwittingly revealed that all of humanity is immortal while he heals. After Death discovers this, Peter fills in his role as the Grim Reaper and is charged with killing the kids from Dawson's Creek. Peter fails in this endeavor, accidentally killing the pilot and co-pilot of the plane. This fact, however, made it clear to the public that Death was back in business while the plane was safely landed by Karen Black. He also appears to have time travel abilities. He is not (and probably never will be) above necrophilia, although his romantic interests focus mainly on the living. He has lost his gag reflex due to films he is not proud of. He is not usually seen using his scythe. The living usually tend to die as soon as they make physical contact with him (except in "Death is a Bitch", where the Griffins perform actions such as Peter carrying him in the living room and Stewie rubbing his foot, although this may mean he cannot kill while injured or that only the touch of his hands cause death. Also, in the episode "Death Lives", Peter gets into a fight with Death, touching him many times, although this was Peter's then-disembodied soul). He has a dog who strongly resembles him and is apparently charged with harvesting souls of dead dogs as his master does with humans. Voiced by Jimmy Kimmel, the dog is very briefly seen when Brian nearly chokes to death on a dinner roll. His mother was briefly voiced by Estelle Harris, and also resembles her son, save for wearing an apron and glasses and having gray hair. He is briefly seen driving a yellow Volkswagen Beetle which he then drunkenly crashes into a police car ironically parked in front of him.



Other characters

Mayor Adam West

Mayor of Quahog, voiced by the real life Adam West. Extremely incompetent and eccentric, he displays more than a few traits of delusional mental illness.


Al Harrington

Obnoxious and fast-talking owner of "Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men Warehouse and Emporium". In the episode "The Former Life of Brian", apparently due to an unwanted recent lawsuit, he starts to sell "Crudely Painted Not-So-Funny Plywood Cut-Out Folk Art". Voiced by Seth MacFarlane.


Barber Shop Quartet

Appear in a cutaway gag (in The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire) with Peter to inform a patient of his AIDS diagnosis by singing the infamous "You Have AIDS" song (with a song and dance routine). Their second appearance (in Sibling Rivalry) is also medical-related, explaining to Peter what a vasectomy is. They are unnamed, and occasionally the Bass part is shifted between two similar-looking characters. Not to be confused with Vern and Johnny, two vaudeville performers who also show up in cutaway gags.



Cleveland's new girlfriend, the first since his divorce from Loretta. She first appeared in Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air. Voiced by Wendy Raquel Robinson.


Bruce the Performance Artist

Mustached man who speaks in a calm, drawn-out voice with a slight lisp, with the catchphrase of "Oh noooo". His first appearance was in the episode Chitty Chitty Death Bang, where he was a horror novelty shop clerk. His name was finally revealed to be Bruce in the season five episode No Chris Left Behind. In The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire he teaches a CPR course, and appears on the school board committee of James Woods Regional High School in Peter's Got Woods and No Chris Left Behind; in Petergeist he is shown as being a medium with Native American spirits, and in Peter's Two Dads, he is a hypnotherapist. As evidenced in the episode Stewie Kills Lois Bruce may have a boyfriend or relative living with him named Jeffrey (as heard in the episode McStroke) whom he may have met in "No Chris Left Behind"; this character is not seen, but he sounds very similar to him. During the Star Wars retelling by Peter, he is playing the character of Greedo. Several non-human characters, most of which are out of pop culture, have appeared with the exact same voice and mannerisms as Bruce. Voiced by Mike Henry.


Dr. Bruce Kaplan

Brian's psychiatrist. He speaks with a very calm, soothing voice. Dr. Kaplan helped Brian realize his love for Lois in Brian in Love, which has since become a running gag. Voiced by Sam Waterston and later by Wally Wingert.


Buzz Killington

A well-dressed British man from the early 20th century. His name is a play on the term "buzzkill". He has so far appeared twice; once in "Whistle While Your Wife Works", and again in "Believe it or Not, Joe's Walking on Air". He is what one would imagine to be "cool" in early-20th-century times, but is a complete and utter buzz-kill by modern standards; hence his name, and from whence the humor surrounding him derives. Peter groans and cups his forehead, like he has a migraine, at the end of every one of Buzz's scenes.



The owner of a local Quahog convenience store. He is currently Chris' boss and was previously Meg's boss. He speaks in a calm, somewhat monotone voice and shows almost no emotion regarding anything happening around him. He previously made small, occasional appearances, often discussing an interest in certain actresses, the first of these appearances being in Deep Throats. He employs Meg and later Chris in Movin' Out (Brian's Song). He develops a friendship with Chris over their mutual interests in movies. He later fires Meg for arguing with him over a promotion, followed by briefly re-hiring her before she turned down the chance to work there again. Chris is still assumed to be employed there. He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.


Dr. Elmer Hartman

A physician who works at the local hospital. Has been sued by every patient he ever had due to the fact he's not very good at his job (however, during season six he was portrayed as a very good doctor, with none of his usual antics whatsoever). Dr. Hartman is Stewie's pediatrician. He is known for delaying news about Peter's health with various forms of shtick, all of which initially appear to be bad news ("Now, onto the cancer...You are a Cancer, right? You were born in July?"). He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane (MacFarlane points out during a few DVD commentaries[citation needed] that Dr. Hartman's voice and the voice for Lois' father are nearly identical; in a scene in "Believe it or Not, Joe's Walking on Air", this is directly referenced in a scene with Mr. Pewterschmidt and Dr. Hartman). He is named after Seth MacFarlane's friend Butch Hartman, whose real name is Elmer, creator of shows The Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom.


Ernie the Giant Chicken

A human-sized chicken who holds a grudge against Peter. The rivalry between him and Peter is first seen when he gives Peter an expired coupon in Da Boom following which they had a long, destructive fight (the grudge may go back to a time when Peter accidentally bumped into him during a dance in "Meet the Quagmires"). Since then, Ernie has appeared on four occasions, including "Blind Ambition" and most recently in "No Chris Left Behind", where his name was revealed to be Ernie and it was shown that he has a wife named Nicole, also a human-sized chicken. His fights with Peter are very elaborate and destructive. Peter has won every fight to date and at the end of each fight, Peter walks off and leaves him for dead, only for Ernie to show some sign of life, implying that he and Peter will fight again. Ernie's appearances are often random, with him tackling Peter out of nowhere or staring at him through a window mid-conversation. After the fights are over, Peter returns to what he was doing, injuries and all, as if nothing happened. He will also appear in the episode "Something, Something, Something Dark Side" taking the role of "Boba Fett". Voiced by Danny Smith.


The Evil Monkey

A monkey that lives in Chris's closet and frequently gestures toward him in a threatening manner. Chris tries to tell his family about the existence of the Evil Monkey but, so far, only Stewie believes him. In the show's universe, the monkey was not originally evil, but became so after catching his wife in bed with another monkey, which, according to Seth MacFarlane, leaves him "not so much evil as embittered". When Chris is out of the house, the Evil Monkey is having time off from gesturing and likes to smoke pot and listen to Foghat. As of It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One, he is now a Jehovah's Witness. The only other characters who have seen the monkey are Peter (in "Stewie Loves Lois") and Brian's son Dylan (in "The Former Life of Brian"). Peter mistook the monkey for Meg, so he still doesn't appear to know he exists, but Dylan approaches and beats up the monkey as soon as he emerges to threaten Chris.



An elderly ephebophile who resides just down the street from the Griffins and impotently lusts after Chris. Voiced by Mike Henry.



The owner and bartender of the Drunken Clam. The character bears a striking resemblance (in his voice, accent and mannerisms) to John Belushi from Animal House and is voiced by John G. Brennan.



Brian's incredibly hot and dumb blonde girlfriend, seen in Whistle While Your Wife Works, Prick Up Your Ears, Chick Cancer, Barely Legal, Boys Do Cry and Movin' Out (Brian's Song). The only girlfriend Brian has had for more than one episode, he stays with her purely for sex, while Stewie and Lois find her stupidity hilarious. She is bulimic, which has resulted in her no longer being able to get her period. She also wears a dog collar, complete with a license, that is identical to Brian's. Brian often uses a flashlight to distract Jillian when he does not wish to go out. She breaks up with Brian in Movin' Out (Brian's Song), having opted to date Mayor Adam West when it is revealed that Brian did not want a mutual relationship with her. She is voiced by Drew Barrymore.



Herbert's extremely old pet dog. Due to being unable to use his hind legs, Jesse drags himself across the ground with his front legs to move.


Jim Kaplan

A local Quahog con man. Though he displays typical qualities of a scheming business man, he is able to convince Peter to buy just about anything for nearly any price, including Volcano Insurance , a TiVo, the tank in "Hell Comes to Quahog" and feety pajamas in No Meals on Wheels. He is usually seen wearing a green and purple checkered jacket. It is unknown if he is related to the aforementioned Bruce Kaplan, Brian's psychiatrist. In the episode There's Something About Paulie the used car salesman introduces himself as 'Doug', not 'Jim'. He is also portrayed as having blond hair in the episode I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar instead of the usual orange. Voiced by Danny Smith.



A judge in Quahog who handles practically every case in the series. His rulings are usually extremely biased against the defendant, regardless of the circumstances. He has never been referred to by name in the series. Voiced by Phil LaMarr.


Paddy Tanninger the Caddy Manager (deceased)

Manager of Quahog golf course. Hired Chris as a 'ball shagger', which immediately doubled his business because everyone wanted to "nail the fat kid". Prior to his job as the caddy manager, he managed Brian at the Quahog Hummer Dealership in The Perfect Castaway. Wants to fight over practically everything. His catch phrase is "Big whoop, wanna fight about it?" He gets run over by a tank in Hell Comes to Quahog. In the commentary for the episode, Director Dan Povenmire stated that he didn't like the character, so he decided to kill him off.


Phineas & Barnaby

Two vaudeville weightlifters who appear in random instances, such as in the gym in Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey.



A man who always talks about how he's trying to "bone [his] girlfriend". In the episode Boys Do Cry, during an interview with Tom Tucker, he claims that he once saw Bigfoot while making love with his girlfriend at the lake. He also talks about things that he says make his girlfriend say that "there was no way". He speaks with a sluggish Canadian accent, leading some to believe that he is actually Canadian. He also made a cameo in "Blue Harvest" as a stormtrooper. Voiced by Mike Henry.



Stewie's favorite teddy bear. Stewie treats Rupert as if he were real, and Stewie thinks he is gay. Once when waiting to board a plane he was left in charge of watching the bags, which got stolen because, according to Stewie, he was "looking at the boys again", including one who looked like Tab Hunter. Apparently, Stewie sees him as an athletic man with a teddy bear's head, as seen in the episodes Stewie Loves Lois and Stewie Kills Lois. Stewie also sees him as possibly a recovering drug addict, as he asks Rupert for valium in Dammit Janet!.



A wise old sailor, with wooden peg arms and legs that talks with a pirate accent. Despite having peg-limbs he can dance, play the organ very well, and can fight an octopus. Seamus is known for often attempting to be both dramatic and comical, but often ruins these moments by awkwardly asking for people's opinions of his performance or summarizing his previous statements.



A man with MND who is a parody of Stephen Hawking. He is introduced in "Ready, Willing, and Disabled" as Joe's taunting archrival in the Special People's Games. He has a more expanded role in Brian Goes Back to College as Brian's physics professor at Brown University. It is shown in this episode that he has a wife, who apparently also has MND, and that he was suicidal before grading one of Brian's assignments, which was actually completed by Stewie.


Vern and Johnny (deceased)

A vaudeville duo who usually show up in unlikely places in response to random bits of dialogue. In the episode, "Peter Peter Caviar Eater", it is given that the performer/singer's name is Vern, who (when their act fails) calls to the pianist "Play me off, Johnny!". Aside from this recurring cutaway gag, they also appear in the Quahog Talent Show with a dog performing tricks. They are shot multiple times and killed by Stewie in "Saving Private Brian", who was fed up with their constant and unnecessary appearances. However, Vern re-appears as a ghost in Back to the Woods while Johnny appears in Hell because he, according to Vern, "liked little boys." Vern and Johnny are not to be confused with the similarly-dressed Barber Shop Quartet.


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