Sandy's Eats


Under 55 Cafe

55 East Monroe (Monroe and Wabash, Loop)

This is the cafeteria in the basement of my work building, but it is worth reviewing. Not your typcial icky cafeteria - in fact, it's quite good and I know lots of Loopsters that come over here for breakfast or lunch. Here's a list of breakfast stuff - expresso bar, 10 types of large bagels, pastries, french toast or pancakes with fruit toping, make your own omlet bar, egg sandwiches, fruit and yogurt....the basics. Lunch, however, is quite a production...there are several stations: create your own asian stir-fry, mexican (the best steak tacos) bar, fantastic deli with roasted veggies and carving station, huge salad bar, sushi bar, italian specialties, soups and chili, and a grill - think hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. The food is top quality, even the sushi is really fresh. My favorite drink is 3/4 diet coke, 1/4 cherry coke from a fountain. This cafeteria has pepsi AND coke products in fountain options, which is just unheard of in most places. Hmmm...I'm getting thirsty. If you haven't tried the 3/4, 1/4 combo, I suggest you give it whirl. OMG, I almost forgot - most of the meals come with the yummy fountain pop AND a small frozen yogurt. if you don't want the fro-yo on the day of your purchase, you can keep your receipt and it NEVER expires. They even have crushed oreos, sprinkles, and candy for toppings. Now, I'm hungry.

Cost: Expensive, but worth it. Lunch is $7 or more

Clientele: Loopsters

Dress: Work attire