Sandy's Eats



2460 N. Fullerton

Not impressed. In fact, won't go back. Perhaps I had too high of hopes for the Italian restaurant - cousin to Basil Leaf Cafe (located accross the street - which always looks busy). The white table cloths and beautiful chandeliers completely mismatched the mission/shaker style chairs and other decor...our server was too young to be working in a restaurant with a mature menu. And, speaking of the menu - ask questions if you go because the descriptions don't match what you get. Our food came out of order - salads before appetizer - so annoying. I ordered the chicken kabobs, they weren't on a stick - it was just 4 pieces of chicken - was supposed to come with mushroom risotto, but it was veggie risotto which I don't like. My friend's garlic-crusted pork chops came with a side of mixed veggies that were cooked to the level of mush. Avoid the syrah - it was watered down. Yuk. This place left way to much to be desired - and the ventilation is bad, so you will end up smelling the bad experience for the rest of the night and the next morning at home.

Cost - $50/person with 2 glasses of wine

Clientele: Older LP folks

Dress: Oh, who cares? You're not going, right?