Sandy's Eats



351 W. Hubbard

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at this Latin-fusion restaurant. The menu of drinks is really yummy, too - lots of my friends enjoyed a few pomograntate martinis that came with a sugary rim...The place is decorated with class. There is live music and salsa lessons on the weekends, which brings out some fun entertainment while you enjoy dinner. The menu is heavy on the seafood options, but I heard rave reviews about the seafood medley - in fact, one of my buddies said it was the best meal she had had in a really long time. I had the steak and lobster - the steak was very good and the lobster was average in my opinion. We had a very large party and I think the waiter forgot my request for drawn butter instead of cream sauce, so the lobster was dry. If you are in the mood for some entertaining latin music and yummy seafood, this would be a great place. It seemed like the entertain large parties pretty frequently, but there were smaller parties, too - and the tables aren't too close together. Nice place to entertain a first date if you are looking to impress.

Cost: Mucho expensivo (but worth it)

Clientele: 30-50 year olds looking to salsa!

Dress: to quote the website "Dress to Impress" - whatever that means. Jeans are fine.