Sandy's Eats


House of Blues

Dearborn and Kinzie

In my opinion, the only good reason to eat at this cajun place is if you get the deal on concert tickets where you have dinner beforehand and have a reserved seat in the concert...otherwise, you can skip the food. Redfish across the street is better. I had grilled chicken and asparagus - it was fine, not great. I heard the jambala had WAY too much garlic - not a good idea before a crowded concert. The gumbo didn't get great reviews either, and it looked like the quesadillas were basic. Now, I will say the corn bread is to die for. It comes with sweet butter that will knock your socks off. Again, not really a reason to go there, but if you end up there for some reason - get the corn bread as your meal and enjoy!

Clientele: concert goers and tourists

Cost: moderate

Dress:: whatever