Sandy's Eats


Goose Island

Wrigley or North Ave.

I love this place - they have the best turkey reuben sandwich ever. The nacho platter is enough for four, and is absolutely delish. This is all-american pub food. To be honest, I can't speak about anything other than the reuben and the nachos, cuz I always get one or the other. When I've been there with a big group, I've never heard any complaints. Pay the extra $.40 for fries over chips - it's just better. In Wrigley, if it's before a game, give yourself at least an hour and half to order and get food. It's packed and the kitchen is slow. If you are a beer drinker, it's one of their brews or Bud. The waitress will look at you as though you have three eyes if you order anything else. Go Cubs.

Clientele: Cubs fans, Beer fans

Dress: Anything goes

Cost: Moderate