Sandy's Eats


Flat Top Grill

Corner of Southport and Belmont

It's one of those places where you get to put all the ingredients you enjoy in a bowl, with yummy sauces, and then someone else stir-fries it up and serves it piping hot. There are a few variations that are not available at similar restaurants: You can get this soft and warm flatbread (which I think is Indian...?) that is outta this world. It's hard to explain the deliciousness of this bread. You can also get your concoction made into a soup. You can get the ingredients made into little burrito like pouches. Although, to be honest, I can't atest to these preparations because I ALWAYS get the flat bread. I typically don't get dessert on a weekday, but it was my birthday - they brought a complimentary bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and what had to be homemade whipped cream. Like the movie with Nicole Kidman, it was To Die For.

Price: Get the unlimited trips - it's about $15

Clientele: Everyone

Dress: Anything