Sandy's Eats


Del Toro

1520 N. Damen

In an effort to identify tapas places other than Café Babareeba and Emilio’s (which rock!), we tried Del Toro, a Spanish lounge. The service was mediocre, at best, but to be fair – they were very busy. There are some yummy dishes I would try again – crispy fried chickpeas, any of the cheeses, fried potatoes, the steak, artichoke bruchetta, marinated vegetables, and the olives. Unfortunately, the squash tasted like baby food. The cauliflower was a disappointment, too. The dish with the pork shoulder, which was recommended by the waitress, was definitely not for me or my girlfriends…it seems the guys liked it, though. To sum it up, the lively atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for, but the food was not.

Price: Too much for what you get.

Dress: Eclectic, Trendy

Clientele: Hipsters