Sandy's Eats



Division and Hoyne

The midwest's first all organic restaurant...pretty cool. This spot used to be Sentimana Cafe, a great Italian place - they completely remodeled - put in mirror-like ceilings and brightened it up a bit. They have outdoor seating in the front (good people watching) or in back, although they could have fit about 5 more tables and chairs back there to lessen the wait time. The bartending staff is good - they make yummy mojitos and this good pomogranate lemon drop martini...gotta try it. For dinner, I had a beef sandwich with horseradish; it needed spicier horseradish in my opinion, but the wheat bread was great. Came with veggie chips. I think their speciality is open-fire pizza - the one with artichokes and mushrooms is really good. Skip the salad. Only two dessert options: chocolate cake or carrot cake from Bleeding Heart Bakery....which I've heard is fantastic...and organic, of course!

Clientele: young, bucktown/wicker park folks

Cost: moderate - about $25 a person for meal and one drink

Dress: Anything goes