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Claim Jumper

National Chain

Before a concert at the Sears Center (the old Poplar Creek), there aren't a lot of options for dinner - it's either Buffalo Wild Wings, the food court at Target, or Claim Jumper. Though I was initially disappointed that BW was packed beyond capacity, it ended up being a pleasurable experience at Claim Jumper - which I heard is some reference to settler's time, but I have no idea. The food is yummy, but a little pricey. I had the chicken quesadillas - you can skip their guac - it sucks. My friends shared the appetizer sampler - I felt an artery close as it came to the table...everything is fried...but suprising good. The cheese sticks rock. They had Corona Light, which I appreciated...their mixed drinks are pretty are the desserts - we didn't get any, but I saw some go by - one order of dessert could feed six people. And boy, did they look delicious. If you happen to be near a shopping mall, and see a Claim Jumper - give it a whirl. I'd say their extensive menu is comparative to Cheescake Factory - and they are just as pricey.

Clientele - depends on whose playing at the Sears the time - Killers fans

Cost - $30 per person with one drink

Dress - jeans, concert T