Sandy's Eats


Pizzano's Pizza

Madison and Wabash

I never really go out for pizza unless I'm in Youngstown, Ohio, where they have the most phenomenal pizza around - nothing comes close to comparison. I've heard so many great things about this place - my friend who doesn't usually eat pizza loves it and Oprah named it #1....I disagree. To start, they don't have oranges for the Blue Moon - this is considered a sin in my book. A friend and I agreed we should try the pizza, but since I don't eat sausage or pepperoni on pizza (I like a ton 'o veggies), we were at somewhat of a standstill. Eventually, we agreed on BBQ chicken pizza. This is where my friend says we went wrong - stick with the normal crust, red sauce, and cheese, she says. Oh well. For that reason, I may give it another shot - but honestly, the crust was too buttery for me. The atmosphere is pretty cool - there are flat screens around, and lots of x-mas lights which is makes it warm and inviting. We were there during the week and even then, it seemed to be drawing quite a dinner crowd. Prepare to wait.

Cost: Reasonable

Clientele: Everyone

Dress: Whatever