Sandy's Eats


PapaSpiros Greek Taverna

downtown Oak Park

Downtown Oak Park is so cute - it was a nice night out, so two of my girlfriends and I sat outside at PapaSpiros - be warned, though, if you are there while the sun is going down, someone will have it right in their face....okay, on to the food - authentic greek. Not my favorite type of food, but they had great wine. Try the Syrah-Cab mix - yummy!!! We ate two appetizers...Saganaki and Octapodi - flaming cheese and broiled octopus in vinegar. I usually require octopus to be breaded, fried, and dunked in tomato sauce, but this was fantastic. The cheese was a little to greasy for my taste...after the appetizers and 4 glasses of wine, I really didn't need a meal, but I got the gyros - they were good, but nothing more special than what you can get at summerfest. My friends split the lamb chops - they loved it...I did not. We all agreed the wine was fantastic.

Cost: $15 to $25 for an entree - I say split a few appetizers and you're good. Wine $7.50/glass

Clientele: We were the only ones sitting outside, so no clue

Dress: Casual for outside - I never actually went inside, so I have no idea