Sandy's Eats


Las Palmas

1835 W. North Avenue

I eat A LOT of mexican food. In fact, the week I went to Las Palmas, I ate out mexican food three times. Good thing guacamole and margaritas are fat free....every where else except Las Palmas - where they are full of yummy goodness. Make sure to start off with the guacamole (you get to choose mild, med, or hot) - they make it right at your table and it is better than the other table-side ones I've tried. Their fajitas are enough to share after you and your dining party down two baskets of chips. There are plenty of vegetables and sides with the fajitas, so you will be plenty satisfied. Get a raspberry marg and your night is complete. If you don't feel complete, at least you are in the heart of bucktown/wicker park where there are more bars than the name Gonzalez in the phone book.

Price: Moderate - you'll still have cash left over for an extra marg.

Clientele: Couples and groups of friends

Dress: Cute jeans and nice shirt.