Sandy's Eats


HomeMade Pizza Co.

There's a few - Armitage in LP, Wabonsia in Bucktown, Southport in Lakeview

Here's a concept - build your own pizza (white or wheat crust - the wheat is yummy) and then have it shrink-wrapped and delivered to your door - you cook it when you want it! They have 40 different ingredients for you to choose from. My friend and I typically order mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, and kalamata olives - whoo hoo! And if you are like us, and can't live without dessert - they also sell a cookie that you warm up, too! Have vanilla ice cream on the side.

Cost - around $10 per pizza, depending on size, ingredients - you know

Clientele - those sick of store-bought frozens, but don't want to make pizza from scratch

Dress - anything you show up in