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Cubs Fans:

I am a lifelong Cubs fan and I spend a lot of mental effort thinking about the Cubs and how bad I want them to win the World Series. I am thinking about what I can do as a fan to help them. This was an idea I came up with - to try and raise money with this website and give the money to to the Cubs. I am using the Yankees philosophy of buying a championship. I have nothing to do with the Cubs or the Chicago Tribune company. I am just a fan living in the North side of Chicago. Instead of sitting around watching the Cubs lose I wanted to be proactive and raise money myself to increase Cubs payroll. I have no idea if this will work but it is worth a shot. If the Tribune is going to continue to be cheap that is fine. That is why I ask you the Cubs fan, find it in your Cubbie blue heart and donate anything you can to buy a Cubs Championship. The money will be sent directly to the Cubs. Much thanks!

Andrew Z.
Chicago, IL


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