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Townhouse - 2 bedrooms
Chicago, IL

Hi it is Z and Ang and welcome to a special 2 part episode of Dr. Odd's Cribs. This is the new Zburbia. This episode we are going to see the 'before' of Z and Ang's new crib and sometime soon you will see the 'after' version after we settle in.

This is the outside of our new place. It is a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom townhouse in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood on the North side.

Here is Angela in our empty living room. You can see that we just got the floors refinished and they look great, like new. You can also see the fireplace that we will never use. This place is great because there is windows on both the east and west sides so there is always sun.

Here is the moving crew. We got a lot of help from everyone and really appreciate it.

Here is Ang and Barb unpacking the kitchen stuff. Angela thought that she would climb on the counter so she could be taller than her sister.

Here is Z in the bedroom. I don't know what he is doing with his hands. This bedroom is maybe the best room in Zburbia. It has the high cathedral ceilings.

Here is Ang in the upstairs bathroom cleaning or putting away stuff. We each have our own sink. Z plans on having dirt in his sink. There is also one of those deep tubs with jets.

This is Z in the other bedroom. It is painted goldenrod and we most likely will repaint this room to a color that is not like pee.

And here is Ang cleaning the downstairs bathroom. It seems like Ang is only cleaning bathrooms in this Cribs episode.

Here is Scmoopie Paper on our stairs. She seems to really like the new place. She didn't tell me that in so many words because she is a cat and can't talk.

Here is Z in the garage with a beer and no shirt. She plans on spending a lot of time in here fixing cars and working on other macho projects. I just lied. Z barely knows where to put gas in cars.

Thanks so much for checking out this episode of Cribs. Stay tuned because we are hard at work decorating and fixing up our new place for the next Cribs!

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