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One Bedroom condo
Chicago, IL

Hi I am Z and welcome to my crib. I live in downtown Chicago- I love Chicago have been here for about 7 years. I call this place Zburbia because an apartment I had a few years ago had a very small piece of astro turf in the front yard and me and some friends jokingly said that was a city apartment's feeble attempt at a nice yard like they have in the suburbs so from that point I called my city residence Zburbia. I have lived in this condo for about a year and a half.

This is my dining room and you can see that I also have my computer in here so I guess you can also call it my office. Living in the city you don't have a lot of extra room so offices seem to be also people's bedrooms or living rooms or dining rooms. I got this dining room table about 6 months ago and I force myself to eat all meals here and not in front of the TV since I paid a poo load of cash money for it.

In the corner I have something that I wanted for a while. It seems a little egotistical but I wanted it to be more funny. It is supposed to be a statue of my head but it is actually one of those foam heads that you see hats on at department stores. I also recently bought a game used bat from someone on the Cubs.

This is my living room. I probably spend most of my time either in here when I am at home because of the TV or in the dining room because of the computer. The couch is imported cotton and suede from India. Just kidding it is from the furniture store down the street. You can also see a woodburning fireplace that I have. I have never used it and never will. So I went ahead and put a framed picture of fire in there.

Let's move on to my kitchen. I just painted it red and I think it turned out pretty cool.

Here is my fridge. I don't have food in here really ever. One reason is that I don't have a car and carrying more than one meal of food home from the store kinda blows. I do have a lot of condiments. And you will see a lot beverages because I felt bad when my girlfriend started to bring her own beverages over since I never had anything more than water. I also have what I think is the first and maybe only punk rock cutting board.

Also, I am proud of my framed menus from my favorite take out places. I was sick of looking up their phone numbers so I thought I would just get their menu framed. And you can see the kethup and mustard dispensers by the sink. But wait! They are not mustard and ketchup! They are soap and dishwasher detergent.

I live with my cat Schmoopie. She is 9 and a really sweet cat. I also have a picture of her personal bathroom, a litter box.

Here around the corner is one of my favorite things in Zburbia, my bubbler. I found this drinking fountain in Michigan and painted bubbler on the side to rip on how Wisconsin people call drinking fountains - bubblers. It does not work so I use it as a change holder.

OK down the hall is my bathroom. I urinate, defecate, and clean myself and make myself look nice in here. My bathroom is a bold blue color. I look like a total idiot standing here in my bathroom in this picture.

Let's move on into my bedroom. This is the room that I do most of my sleeping in. I have a bed in there. I don't want to show you my closet since it is a complete train wreck but here is my underwear drawer. I don't fold many clothes since no one sees my underwear so I don't care if it is wrinkly.

Let's head outside. Here is my back porch. Obviously it is all winter and stuff so you can't get a good feel of the back porch but in the summer we hang out here and bbq and stuff.

Lets head down the stairs to check out my wheels. OK here it is my 2002 Yamaha Vino scooter. It is silver sheek and I have the 5 inch rims on there. That is right I don't have a car. I live in the city and don't really need one but I did buy this scooter a year and a half ago to get around in the warm months.

It has been fun having you to my crib but it is time for you to go. Goodbye, and for you that speak other languages: Adios, Ahnnyung, Ahoj, Aloha, Au Revoir, Ciao, Do widzenia, Do zvidanya, Dovidjenja, Farvel, Goodbye, Hoscakal, Kwaheri, Namaste, Nasvidenje, Poka, Sampai Jumpa Lagi, Sawaddee, Sayonara, Shalom, Tchau, Tschuess, Tot Ziens, Tschuess, Wiedersehen, Zhai jian.

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