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Three Bedroom house
Hodgkins, IL

14 Miles West of Chicago. Population. 1200

Hi I am Mike, and welcome to my Crib.

This is where all the cooking is done. Since my wife stays home, I get a nice home cooked meal everyday when I come home from work. I also just installed a dishwasher. You can't see it in the picture. Anyway, just a standard Kitchen.

Welcome to our Living Room. Everything in here is a hand-me-down. Got the couches and chair from my parents. I even use my Fold-up table as an end table. The only thing new is Jake's swing. He loves that thing. I'm currently in the market for new furniture. Coming soon.

Here is our bathroom I just completed. You should have seen it before. I installed all new hardware and tiled the floor. We like it now and it is pretty nice.

Here is our Bedroom. This is still my bedroom set from home. I like it because when you look in the mirror, you can see 3 of everything.

Here is our new edition to our family. Jake was born on Dec. 2. He is awesome. Here is his crib. He loves the thing. It is round and very unique.

Now lets go outside. Here is my backyard last weekend. My dog named, "Maui" loves to play in the snow. In the summer, I sit on this picnic table, drink a 6 pack and throw the ball for hours. I also get a nice tan.

Now lets move into my garage. I hang out here all the time. Since I'm into home improvement, this is where I keep all my tools. I also sit out here with my friends, smoke cigars and drink beer. My garage is heated so I can go out here in the winter.

The best part of my garage is where I park my Harley. I love this bike. I have it stored for the winter but sometimes I just go out to the garage and sit on it.

Thank you for visiting my crib.

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