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The Tree-house (Nathan lives here now too)
Two Bedroom apartment

Chicago, IL

Here we are, Nathan and Tricia. Welcome to our humble abode located in Buena Park or Uptown or Lakeview (whatever you feel like calling our neighborhood) We like it, and we hope you will, too.

The outside of our building is not too exciting. We do have nice landscaping this year. You think this is boring so far, don’t you?

Let’s start in the room that Nathan spends most of his time in…the bathroom. Check out Tricia’s juicy melon! That’s the name of our hand soap… what were you thinking?????

We just bought a new china cabinet to hold all of the lovely wedding gifts we received. Doesn’t it look nice? Nathan put it together himself.

Fortunately, we have nice, big, comfy couch that we enjoying laying on watching the tube. If Nathan is not in the bathroom, you can usually find him here watching some sporting event.

Welcome to our bedroom…where the magic happens. Please note Nathan’s favorite basketball shorts proudly displayed on our bed. When Nathan is wearing those, not a whole lot of magic happens. Very un-sexy green shorts. According to Nathan, they are very “comfortable”.

Our office houses our computer and a guest bed. I’m holding the sign I made for Nathan’s half marathon last week.

If Nathan is not in the bathroom or on the couch, he’s at the table drinking wine from the bottle and gulping down peanuts.

Welcome to “Award Corner” where we proudly display our Mullet Bowling trophies. This is the most special place in the house to us, of course!

We have a storage area like everyone else. It’s very full right now and frankly, I don’t remember exactly what we put in it. I guess we’ll figure it out the next time we move.

Our prized parking space! Tricia was on a waiting list for parking in the building for 3 years! We finally got it this year! HOOORAY!

Thanks for visiting our CRIB, the Tree-house! Stop by anytime… we’ll greet you with a smile, a drink, and a salty snack!

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