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Steve's Crib
2 bedroom Townhouse in Naperville, Illinois

Here is Steve. And Welcome to his Cribs.

I am Sandy and I will guide you on this tour. This is his comfortable family room. Everything important happens on this couch. Dinner, TV time, naps and occasionally foreplay.

This is the "all-purpose" ledge. It's located right inside the door, so it is typically used to hold keys, cell phone, wallet, pens and paper, girls' phone numbers, paychecks, checkbook, etc."

As you can see, Steve loves wine. This is not the only shelf that contains empty bottles - they are all over the place. Steve is very knowledgeable about grapes…he typically drinks wine every night at home. Sometimes, he even falls asleep with the glass in his hand! What a connoisseur! Steve is also very conscientious about his health, hence the numerous bottles of GNC products…he works out almost everyday and has a great body.

This is Steve's stairway leading to the bedrooms and loft. These are pictures of friends and family. Steve's big on pictures. There is barely an open space of wall on the entire first floor. He likes to be surrounded by pictures of those he loves.

Since Steve is so busy working and playing, his house tends to be a little messy…typically, the dresser drawers are open with clothes hanging out…the bathtub doubles as a hamper.

Steve loves fish, although these items belong to his friend, Sandy, who also loves fish. Steve's fish, Chuck, passed away shortly before this Cribs was taped.

This is Sandy's room. Sometimes she stays with Steve during the week since she works in Wheaton and lives in the city. Steve really enjoys Sandy's company. In fact, he thinks she is the most wonderful, beautiful, best-friend ever. When Sandy's over, Steve grills out and they share a glass of wine and complain about work.

This is the loft, aka computer room. It's messy, but Steve knows where everything is.

If there's one thing you need to know about Steve. His décor is unique. See these sticks? They are everywhere. If you need to buy Steve a housewarming gift, go to Cost Plus-World Market. All that crap from other countries is right up his alley.

Thanks for checking out Steve's crib. See ya.

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